Networking and the Long Train Ride Home…

So last night I braved the sideways rain, my broken umbrella, broken bag strap that broke from the weight of toting my laptop around the city….and attended a happy hr. A “networking” happy hour I guess you could call it. After prepping myself at a more low key bar downtown and getting myself to my more social “two beer alterego,” I was ready to mingle. What followed is now a blur of political banter, booze and business card exchanges. Oh yeah and a few new friends on facebook. I think I’m jumping on the anti-networking bandwagon, at least in terms of using the word. I’d prefer to call it socializing, schmoozing or depending on the evening, partying like a rockstar. All in all though, as I try to transition myself to a “big time city someone,” I find these organized “social gatherings” can sometimes be good, afterall we all need a little help meeting new people sometimes. Anything to expand my social circles is a good thing. I went from living in a great little resort town and knowing literally everyone, to the LI social scene, which has left much to be desired for me personally. I’m really trying to meet some great people in the city, both socially and professionally, whether it be at a bar, at a networking, I mean socializing event, or waiting on line while they fix the damn ticket machine at the LIRR station (met someone that way the other day!)

Anyway, these were just some of my thoughts that I was able to ponder on the 49 minute train ride back to my neck of the woods. However, as luck would have it, last night’s ride was a little less kill yourself due to the company of a neighbor that I bumped into at Penn Station. Definitely better company than the drunk morons we were sharing a car with. Island Park guys, I hope your reading this…

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