To the rich tourists that once bossed me around…

So the other day I was in a pretty hard core new business meeting with an awesome potential new client and an awesome team of our staff. As I was listening to myself speak I realized, “hey I actually know what I’m talking about!” It was a great feeling! I felt very confident and was impressed with the way I was able to hold my own around a conference table of smart and important people (my colleagues and bosses included!). Then I got to thinking where I was not too long ago. In the words of the catchy commercial I was literally “serving chowder and ice t to tourists in t-shirts.” Don’t get me wrong, somedays I wake up and think, I had the life back then. I slept all day, partied all night and made some nice cash in between. And I gotta say, I met some great people, did some crazy things and made some memories I’ll never forget. Some days I definitely wanna shut off the alarm, some days I even think, “hey, if I sold my car, my bed and maybe this computer, I could probably go hang out in Costa Rica for a while and not work.” But most days lately, I’m feeling pretty…accomplished at the end of my day. I love wearing a suit, having a great business meeting and meeting interesting and smart people. I love being in New York City and knowing that the chance to be as successful as I want is right there at my fingertips. I work for a great company and am constantly learning new things. I can’t wait to see where I’m going to be in 5 years, or 10 years or even tomorrow, but I’m thinking big these days, so watch out NY!

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