Funny Thing About Getting Older…

Is that you don’t really realize it. It’s more of a gradual thing…kind of like watching grass grow…you can’t really notice it happening but once it does you notice the end result. I know how old I am. 26. I’m not OLD…right?? I bought some wine today and I didn’t get carded. I ALWAYS get carded. I’ve been told I look 12, 16 even as old as 21…but I ALWAYS get carded. Today, I reached for my ID instinctively while purchasing two “classy” bottles of wine (and by classy I mean they were more than 10 dollars a piece…). The man behind the counter laughed and gave me the hand. “It’s ok honey,” he said. Whoa. I look my age now? When did that happen??

Today, I also replied to a post on one of the networking groups I belong to. There was a rather spirited debate on whether you should put one space or two after a period. The old souls said two. The younger people seemed to know that one was the way to go. OMG. I still use two!! (Note the spacing on this very post if you don’t beleive me!) Ok, guess that sealed the deal…Welcome to being old Allie, enjoy your stay…

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