Sleepy Recaps

Been a busy week for me!

Since returning from Vegas a week ago with every hope of taking it easy and catching up on sleep and life, I am probably still about 5o hrs behind in the sleep department and about three pages behind on the handwritten “to-do” list that sits on my nightstand…

Most notably, last Thursday was our company’s Sweet 16 Party at the Bridgeview Yacht Club, celebrating 16 yrs of being in business. The party proved once again that we rock. No really, we do! Everyone had a great time sipping on perfectly made cosmos and eating passed hor d’oerves, pastas, meats, and my favorite part–the chocolate dipping station! The party was great and I barely remembered that I was running on limited steam from the night before…

The previous night I was at a party for ESPN magazine in the city, where highlights included a performance by Third Eye Blind, a red carpet entrance, a REALLY cool bathroom complete with a “director” who literally walked you to your stall (by the way, is this normal?) and of course a make your own candy bag upon departure…very cool!

Last night I was in the city again, celebrating a birthday and forgetting that people would be celebrating the unofficial holiday of “Almost St. Patricks Day.” I was one of the only bar patrons not wearing green, or at least a shirt with green in it somewhere, and a catchy saying like “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl.” Random observation, why do you girls wear stickers on their faces to show their “spirit” and why do Mardi Gras beads apply to every holiday? I won’t throw stones though, I totally ended up proudly wearing a green set of beads by the end of the night…

Seinfeld’s almost over, time to get to sleep…more to come later this week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sleepy Recaps

  1. Im glad you included the comment about throwing stones bc I def have a pic of you wearing green beads, a shamrock sticker on your face, AND wearing a shamrock- googly-headband-thing.

  2. Hi Ally, thx for finding me on LinkedIn.Re: the restroom “director”: they serve a purpose besides making you feel bad if you don’t tip them a few dollars for letting you use the loo. There are all sorts of … umm … nefarious things one can do in a nightclub restroom if one were so inclined. And if your party was open-bar, a few troublemakers probably *were* inclined. FWIW…

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