Spring Fever

Spring is in the air…

How do I ring in the season? Like every other American girl these days…I have gone on a diet and started running before work (come run with me on the Long Beach boardwalk!). Yesterday I waited on possibly the longest line EVER to purchase a 12 dollar salad from the delicious Chopt Salad on 56th. The line was laughably long and everyone was on their cell phones sharing the absurdity of the line with their friends. One women behind me joked that she wished the line led to cupcakes and not salad. Haha, nice. Another less pleasant women with a bad fake tan loudly complained on her cell phone about the line. “The first freakin nice day and all the sudden everyone wants a salad! I eat here everyday, this is bull sh*t!,” she shouted. She then went on to declare that everyone on the line should just go get a cheeseburger and leave the salads to the truly healthy people like herself. Best part of this story? Tan-face ordered possibly the most unhealthy salad one could create. It involved steak, fried onions and EXTRA dressing (that she rudely demanded). She was a real joy…

Spring also means the start of baseball season (go Yankees), the promise of summer (the beach!) and the reappearance of those winter hibernators. You know the people you never see all winter long, who come out the first nice day looking all buff and tan for their warm weather debut. Well the rest of us were on the couch eating Chinese food, these select few were spending their winter months grooming for that first sunny day. Today was a balmy 75 degrees and the tank top wearers (both male and female) were out in full force. The good news? Summer can’t be too far off 🙂

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