What happened to Ron?

So am I the only person who it took like three weeks to realize that Ron Corning just wasn’t coming back from vacation?? I am avid watcher of Good Day NY and all Fox News in general but after researching the whereabouts of Ron, I must say I’m a little perturbed at the Foxers. According to the Daily News, Ron was let go, while he was on VACATION a few weeks ago. I remember one day they said, “filling in for Ron Corning is so and so,” and then 3 weeks later I realized hey, he’s either on a REALLY long vacay or he’s been canned. Sadly, the latter is true 😦 Who fires someone while they’re on vacation?? Especially someone as cute and lovable as Ron?! Ron Corning if you’re out there, you are missed…I can’t wait to watch you when you land your next gig!

2 thoughts on “What happened to Ron?

  1. Me too! I went on vacation for two weeks at the very end of March, and it finally occurred to me this morning that Ron Corning might not be coming back! I am sad to hear he was let go…

  2. It’s not that I miss Ron, I miss the dynamic of Ron and Jody. They obviously were good friends and the way thier personalities clicked on tv was wonderful. Very entertaining and sooo witty and sharp. I’ve just decided to change the channel 😦

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