Midweek thoughts-Blogging about blogs…

I always find myself posting blogs in the middle of the week, in front of my tv (watching Fox News then Seinfeld) and usually on one of my few free evenings when I could easily be laying on the couch and not touching my laptop. Impossible! I am openly and somewhat proudly addicted to my computer and all the treasures the internet has to offer. And not just because it’s my job! I don’t think I could go a night without checking my email, reading my favorite websites and blogs or googling something I heard about during the day. To spare myself the embarrassment, I won’t say what, or rather who I had to pretend I was familiar with for a good hour long discussion the other night. Thankfully I made it through the conversation with my dignity still in tact and immediately came home to look up said topic on google and wikipedia…the conversation makes so much more sense now 🙂

Last night my boss Hilary Topper and I sat on a panel for the NYC Entrepreneur’s Organization (she’s a member, I was lucky enough to tag along) and spoke to a small group of business owners about utilizing blogs, social networking etc. (my favorite topic of discussion these days!) Everyone was interested in how to start their own blogs, what blogs to read, how to use facebook and linked in and more. One question that kept coming up was “when do you have the time for all this?” or “what will I write about on my blog?” The answer seemed so simple to me–write as often as you can about whatever moves you! When Hilary and I were talking about some of the topics we write about, I saw a few glances of skepticism around the table at first. But then I think people got it–the key to a good blog is to write about what you know, and what you’re passionate about. Everyone has something to say, and once you start typing it out, you’d be surprised how easy it comes. I hope that my blogs are interesting and that people will keep reading them…but if I ever ramble on too long (as I tend to do sometimes…) feel free to let me know!

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