The Domain Name Game

So today I was sitting at my desk at work, writing a press release, when I received a google alert that sent me into a frenzy for the rest of the day (if you think I’m kidding, ask my poor co-workers who had to endure my rambling!). What did the alert say? Well it announced to me that my name had appeared online. Yippee, who was writing about me in the blogosphere, I thought. Nope, to my sadness, it was ANOTHER Allie Herzog and the alert was to say that the domain name had been registered. Sadface, big sadface. That’s my name! Now I am fully to blame for not purchasing this sooner, I had planned to several times but somehow it always slipped my mind. Upon further digging I discovered that there is acutally another Allie Herzog lurking around NY somewhere, and get this, she’s a publicist too! Even stranger, she is my Facebook “friend.” So now I’m basically stalking my namesake, and I NEED to know, did she buy it, and if so, can I have it back?? When I become famous someday, where will I post photos and fan mail? So, after some rational thought and talking it out, I figured I’d buy (take that other Allie!) and check out what else is available as well. informed me that yes was indeed taken but for just $1.99 I could have Dot name?? What the heck is that? No thanks go daddy…

So the lesson of the day here folks, if you don’t already own your domain name, I would highly recommend buying it. It costs less than $20 a year and trust me, finding out somewhere, someone else with YOUR name now owns YOUR website is very sad–at least for a new media geek chic like me!

My next mission? I need to meet my future husband soon–if for no other reason than securing my married domain name!

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