As defined by Wikipedia: the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate when having conceived, especially while looking for something else entirely.

Serendipity seems very fitting to my life lately and after lunching there on Friday, I am embracing it full force.

I arrived to work on Friday morning, feeling the effects of the previous night’s Media Meshing at Sweet and Vicious. The event was a great time and kept me out way past my curfew!

Friday was gloomy, cold and rainy, and everyone I encountered on my way to work looked equally as miserable. Hair a mess, eyes droopy, etc. As I tried to down a bagel and be productive (usually I have the office to myself on Fridays, but this Friday my VP was joining me to edit some video), my mind wandered to recent life events and how certain things have been playing out. I was actually in a totally spiritual, “everything happens for a reason” kind of mood when my VP, Kristie, suggested that we go to Serendipity for lunch that day. One mention of the frozen hot chocolate and I was sold. “A frozen hot chocolate could definitely brighten up this day,” I thought.

A quick google search later, we discovered that they were indeed open for business again (we both remembered hearing something about an “infestation” there, but for the record it seemed very clean). After a full morning of video editing, we braved the sideways rain and set out on our mission. The walk would have only been about 10 minutes or so had it not been hail/wind/raining out so we decided we should get a cab. Ha, good one. Every cab was either occupied or suspiciously “off-duty.” Not sure why so many cabs decide lunch hour on a rainy day is a good time to be “off-duty” but that’s another story. Just as we were giving up hope of catching a ride, a cab literally stopped right in front of us at the Victoria’s Secret store and someone who was apparently in dire need of some lingerie on a rainy afternoon jumped out. Score, we got a ride!

Lunch was a pleasant mix of catching up, sharing a frozen hot chocolate and eating monstrous BLT’s. As we made the trek back to our office, this time giving in to the rain, I thought, “not a bad day, now if only I could feel my feet…”

Serendipity–great movie, yummy food and a good thing to believe in 🙂

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