Coffee and Margaritas (But not together…)

We all have our vices. The things that give us that extra kick in the morning or help us relax after a long day. The above noted are mine…well at least the ones I can mention here 😉

When my boss and I discovered the latest trend in blogging, “beta testing,” we were psyched. When we found out we were going to get free coffee and all we had to do was drink it and write about it, we were beyond psyched. So here it is, my first review…and if any Tequila companies are reading this (especially Patron or Sauza Hornitos) I would be honored to drink lots of free samples from you and write wonderful things about you. Everyday. Thanks.

Ok so Joffrey’s Coffee

The flavor they sent me was called Jamaican me Crazy which instantly reminded me of this tasty dish that we used to serve at my old establishment called the Jamaican Me Crazy Mon, which was actually a Jamaican Jerk porkchop. Tourists used to get such a kick out of saying the full name when they ordered it, but I digress…

My roommate is very set in her ways. Every morning we make Maxwell House coffee and she flavors hers with French Vanilla creamer only. She does not stray from this so I knew I’d be on my own sampling my new fun flavor. I made it after she had safely left for work and was instantly drawn in by the smell. It smelled like syrup, or better yet, a full homemade waffle, syrup and coffee breakfast. It was a very welcoming and soothing smell as I was rushing to pour the coffee in my travel mug and run out the door, late as usual…

As I drank the coffee on my ride to work, it definitely made me feel invigorated and pumped for my day. The smell, the sweet and strong taste and the smoothness all contributed to its charm. The actual flavor is described as caramel, vanilla and coffee liquer. I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the exact flavors that were melting in my mouth but they definitely made for a lovely combo. I sipped it all the way to my office and still had a little left as I got to my desk. A few minutes after I settled in, my office roomie asked “what’s that smell, it smells like maple syrup in here!” I informed him it was Joffrey’s coffee, a new flavor and he responded that it smelled awesome. It did indeed!

I still have a little Joffrey’s left and I am now rationing it and saving it for a special morning or a special someone to share it with. Want to drink some with me? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Coffee and Margaritas (But not together…)

  1. so how were you approached by joffrey’s? did they find you through your blog?i’d love to try some, but i’m a little far from you!

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