Rachel Ray–Nuf Said

Oh my–so one of my top five least favorite people in the universe is getting way too much attention these days!

So the latest about my arch nemesis (and I’ll get into why in a minute) is that she was wearing some sort of Muslim garb in a Dunkin Donuts commercial, bloggers caused a commotion and now the ad is gone. And NOW bloggers are still causing a buzz, condemning DD for backing down to the crazy people who think her scarf was some sort of hidden terrorrist symbol. My take? It wasn’t terrorism related, it was just an ugly scarf! Read my previous posts if you don’t already know how I feel about scarfs as a fashion accessory…this whole mess could have been avoided if the DD stylist had only chosen a cool choker instead of a lame scarf…

The best part of this story for me is that this morning, Ron Corning’s replacement (who just became my new favorite person of the moment) totally dissed on Rachel Ray this morning not realizing that DD was one of their sponsors. It was hilarious, check it out on Gawker!

So why do I hate her? Well for starters, why is she famous??? I mean really, she’s not even a real chef, and her perkiness is more than a little irritating. If that sounds petty, let me explain my legit reason…well you may recall a little show she had/maybe still has on the Food Network called $40 a Day. Basically she goes to a new town, and shares with viewers the “secret” to eating great on $40 a day. The show’s title should have been, “$40 a Day NOT including tips” or perhaps “$40 a day for cheap, evil people who don’t believe in 20% tips” (sorry that was my former waitress side talking!). Ms. Ray seems to think that $2 is pretty much the standard tip for any meal…and she conveniently calculates “tax and tip” together sending a message to all the cheapies watching her show that leaving a couple bucks no matter what your bill was it totally OK. I think that everyone should spend at least 6 months in the service industry. You really learn some valuable life skills. Besides how to tip properly, you learn social skills, creative cooking skills (you’d be surprised how many meals you can make out of bread, condiments and left over ingredients…) and tolerance. Tolerance for all the ignorant people out there that are rude (snapping your finger at your server is NEVER OK), dumb (I’m allergic to nuts, can I still eat the Peanut Butter Puff Pie..) or just plain crazy (Can I order a Pepsi with one splash Dr. Pepper, two splashes Orange and a floater of Gingerale…).

So to sum up…Dunkin Donuts should really get rid of A) the stylist who chose the stupid scarf to begin and B) Rachel Ray as a spokesperson because I believe that honest, hardworking people typically drink DD over say Starbucks and probably feel similarly about the fake-chef and would be turned off seeing her face all over their favorite coffee place…

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