Tourist for a day…

So even though I grew up on LI, live there now, and have been going to NYC since I was in the womb, I am still a sucker for many of the cliche tourist attractions.

Last Friday, I took part in the tourist ritual of arriving at Rockefeller Center at the wee hours of the morning in hopes to catch a good view of the live concert outside the Today Show. Kenny Chesney, one of my all-time favorite performers was there and I just had to go. We arrived pretty early (at least by my standards) at around 6:15 and already the line was like 3 blocks long. “Ugghh” I thought as we got in line behind a bunch of southerners with cowboy hats and “I love NY” t-shirts. “Will we get in?” I asked the people in front of us. “No clue, this is our first time in NY,” they replied in HEAVY southern drawl. Hmm….

It’s good to know the right people. A certain “spin doctor” really helped my out by letting me have his VIP tickets. We got to leave the tourist-filled line behind and waltz right up to the stage area, literally within spitting distance to Kenny, Matt Lauer and the rest of the show. It was great…I owe someone a few beers at Third and Long soon!

On my list of other touristy things I want to take part in….Shakespeare in the Park, attending a live taping of SNL or Conan O’Brien, and yes, I still like to go see the Tree and go Ice Skating in Central Park come Christmas time…does this make me “not a real NYer” or is it ok to enjoy the touristy activities along with the secret local hangouts every now and then?

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