Where have I been?

So I guess I have a few fans because more than one person has asked about my lack of blogging lately. Sorry fans, I won’t let you down again 🙂

What have I been doing you ask? Well as much as I like to write and divulge interesting tidbits about my life to the world…I am trying to keep from making one of those “blogging blunders” and saying too much about my personal or professional life…there’s a fine line between a good blog and TMI don’t you all agree?

Anyway, so lately I have been thinking a lot about change and whether it is a necessary part of life. I have come to the conclusion that it is, and strangely, as much as I think I am the risk-taker, free spirited type, I think I have a problem with significant change. Or at least I need a little adjustment time anyway. I recently went up to Newport, RI to visit my old friends and relive the wonder that is summertime in the port. I had a great time and saw many old friends. A few people had moved on from waitressing, bartending or bouncing (the professions of choice for most year-round Newport residents…) but most were still at it, perhaps they had changed locations but they were still immersed in the lifestyle for the most part. I got to thinking on my drive back to NY, had I made the right choice, did I leave at the right time? Am I really cut out for the fast-paced NY rat race? Reflecting back on my weekend, I ran into so many old friends, old summer romances, and old enemies but everyone I saw thought my new life sounded fabulous. I guess the grass is always greener because as much as I’m career-minded now, I still think that raking in the cash working at a seaside bar and spending your afternoons on the beach sounds pretty fabulous sometimes…

So here I am, back in NY, commuting from Long Beach (which is about as close to Newport as you can get in these parts) to NYC, working, writing, living and changing. Things are always changing and I am trying to learn to roll with the punches and embrace the change. People who are very important to me may not be around everyday anymore but the best of friends will always stay that way no matter where they may be. New people will come into my life and become just as important and they will add a little color to the vibrant palette I’ve grown accustomed to. I think everyone I have met along the way has impacted me and added something to my character and every new change will continue to do so…

Wow, was that abnormally philosophical for me??

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