Old Friends, Bookends…

Last weekend I went to Boston to catch up with some old college friends. We were quite the crazy bunch back in the day (OK I’m not that old, it was like the early 00’s) but like most circles of friends we have all moved around and grown apart–at least by distance.

The crew that got together now reside in Arizona, parts of Boston, and NY. Besides the slightly altered ancients (my NY one has apparently gotten worse, while one former Masshole who now lives in AZ seemed to have acquired a slight western drawl) the moment we got together things were right back to the way they used to be. I think the truest friendships can be measured by the ease in which you can get back into them, no matter how much time has gone by. One friend now has a child and recently bought a house. Another, who was unexpectedly at the same Red Sox game as us (editor’s note: I didn’t root for them!) has become a Nurse at a prestigious Woman’s hospital. When we were roommates about 5 years ago, she happily waited tables at the local sports bar and laughed when customers asked her, “what do you plan to do with your life?”

We spent the weekend enjoying some cocktails and reminiscing about the past. I looked around at one point and thought about the different paths that we all took, and where I thought we’d all be 5 years ago. Sometimes it’s funny how things work out. I think we all turned out pretty good and are living the dreams that we made for ourselves…more or less! When the weekend drew to a close I was sad to say my goodbyes, knowing that it may be a while before we are all together again, but I took comfort in the fact that time and distance has had little effect on our friendships.

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