Once again I’ve taken a hiatus from writing…this time I was mulling over the ever changing environment around me. I’ve been trying to accept all the changes, embrace them and even grow from them…a task that has been both dizzying and enlightening…if that makes any sense…

The changes are all around me. There have been big changes at work. I know the PR world is ever-changing. Business can be up and down and then down-right insane. But between our ever changing client base, our ever changing staff and my ever changing location, I’m getting a little dazed just keeping it all straight. I have faith that once the dust settles, all the changes will be the right ones…in the meantime I am focusing on trying to perfect my imperfections and strengthen my weaknesses. I figure the best way to get through anything is to do your best no matter what and know that you gave 110 percent to the task at hand. I’ll admit I’ve never been an overachiever…not by any measure, but I’ve recently come to appreciate and admire the work ethic of those intense, workaholic types that I always swore I’d never become. If this sounds nothing like me, you could blame in part my new “friend” who has instilled some of his upstate, football coach values in me…slowly…
This leads me to change number 2. Adjusting to being “in a relationship.” The status change. The subtle shift in behavior and change in weekend plans. Staying in and going to bed early is suddenly not a bad choice for a Saturday night. And a night out no longer means “mingling” with new people. It’s nice to not be looking. Nice to have someone to do things with. I’m content. But I have recently noticed that most people have a “grass is greener” attitude when it comes to coupledom and singlehood and even marital bliss. Recently a married friend visited me in my admittedly party town of Long Beach, NY. After a few shots of Cafe Patron (sidenote: this might be the best alcoholic beverage since Kettle One) she turned to me and had a momentary longing for the single life (In case her husband is reading this, it really was just a moment!) In a town like Long Beach it is easy to get engulfed in the single life. My first summer in town I was swayed by the warm breeze, the new friends and the surfside bars. But to me, the scene gets old, the breeze turns cool and the friendships dwindle down to just a few that are for real. Things right now seem right as I try to balance my hectic job, my new relationship, my friendships, my social life, my family and all the little day-to days that get thrown my way. On this Sunday evening, with my fresh tan and my fresh outlook, I am feeling ok with the changes (cue music, “In every season, turn turn…)

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