Transitions and Dreams…and Other Stuff…

Transitions at work, transitions in my personal life, growing older, becoming boring, being poor, being an adult. Will I be rich? famous? happy? Will I see the world? Will I do all the things on my mental “To do before I die” list? These are the things that keep me up at night and that I drive my boyfriend, family and friends crazy with!

I’ve had an uneasy feeling lately that I can’t put my finger on. Is it hesitation to move forward or is it an eagerness to get there? Am I doing what I really want, am I chasing my dreams, am I working towards a future rich with success, personally and financially?

I think the Olympics has unearthed my dreamer tendencies. When I was little, I was a gymnast and dreamed of being in the Olympics. I even wrote poems and short stories about it. My mom saved one that ran in Newsday’s Kidsday section once and I came across it recently…

I’ve always had big dreams. Not the wedding, white picket fence ones, but the bombs flying over head well reporting on a war kind. I even have my “famous name” picked out and have since I was about 15 and purchased a fake ID with the chosen alias of Allie Waters. I’ve grown to like Allie Zog though so I’m thinking when I do publish my first novel I’ll keep the Zog name alive.

As I mentioned on a previous post there is another Allie Herzog is NYC, and working in PR as well coincidently. I’m still waiting for us to meet, I wonder if the universe will implode or something when we end up in the same room one day? I’m a little sad that I have to share my name with someone, I wonder if she goes by Zog too…?

Enough rambling, here’s to the dreamers!

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