While I wasn’t cool enough to be invited anywhere important to “live blog,” I figured I would at least do my own thing as I watch the fate of the nation unfold. In my Nyquil induced haze (go away winter cold!) I am dizzily fixated to the news like I’m sure most Americans are.

A few observations this Election Day:

Scared by awaking to the images of block-long lines at the polls in NYC, I was hesitant to head to the polls in my current town of Long Beach, until I came to the sad but true realization that far too many Long Beach locals don’t vote. I know from first-hand experience that many educated young people in this laid back beach town don’t care at all about things as trivial as who runs our country…did someone say ignorant? I thought the polls were closed when I showed up at my polling place to find no line at 7pm…literally NO line, as in, there were like 2 other people there! Haha, watching the guy in front of me try to pull his curtain closed until a “booth monitor” told him to “use the lever” was an amusing highlight to my voting experience. Clearly a first timer 🙂

This brings me to my next observation, which is really more of a statement in general on the archaic nature of our voting procedure. These days, when you can pay bills online, transfer money online etc., you would think they would come up with a way to transition the voting process online. Maybe 2012??

Finally, I am just excited and anxious to see what the future holds with a new leader and a new start. I would like to think that my vote counted, and that by pulling that lever, I was honoring all those woman who fought so hard for this right. When I wake up tomorrow, will our nation have changed history forever with the nation’s first black president? This is the stuff history books are made of people…happy election day!

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