Fear and Loathing in NY

Everyone is freaking out about the economy! I can’t take it anymore! And PS, how come the really rich never seem affected?? No fair! At our firm, we are trying to stay positive. We are getting a lot of new business leads, but closing NOTHING. Everyone is scared. One guy today told us that he didn’t have the “cajones” to sign a contract with us before the new year. And yeah, he said cajones, however you spell it!

I just flipped on the TV, Jay Leno is spewing economy jokes left and right. Literally, he just told like 15 in a row, what the hell??

My mom told me last night that they got rid of the cleaning service at her job to save money and they are all taking turns with the chores. What?? Is this what the Great Depression felt like?

Luckily two of my favorite things, sleep and laughter, will always be free! Until they figure out how to make money grow on trees, I guess I’ll be thankful for the simple things…sigh…

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