Monday is the new Sunday…

So Sunday night used to be my night of “Allie time.” I enjoyed spending hours on the computer reading gossip blogs, friend’s blogs, newspapers from around the country, updating my status on facebook and twitter and linkedin and…I’m a dork! Anyway, I am the type of gal that likes some alone time every now and then to be all deep with my thoughts, to make mental to-do lists, plan my week’s outfits, balance my checkbook etc. But lately, my weekend’s have been extended through Sunday and I have been spending this sacred night with someone else. A big step for me!

This weekend found me at a dinner with all my co-workers (well almost all of them…our token male and our favorite upstater were greatly missed!) to honor my boss as potential Blogger of the Year at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business at the Marriott Marquis. We were all pretty psyched for an evening of wining and dining at a fancy hotel and the chance to cheer on our boss. We arrived at the event and were handed stick-on name tags and a Sharpee…ummm can you say tacky? IF you are going to ruin our pretty outfits with a name badge it had better be magnetic so it doesn’t leave a hole or even worse, A STICKY RESIDUE on our fabulous clothes! And no fancy calligraphied (is that a word?) pre-made badges…wow, strike 1, Stevies, strike 1…

I headed straight for the bar (what I assumed was an open bar) because hey, it was Friday and I needed some vino bad!

Bartender: Sorry you need a drink ticket miss
Me: Oh where are they giving those away (note I said giving, not selling)
Bartender: You can PURCHASE them right there (pointing)
Me: ohhhh….

11 dollars later I had my glass of wine and the Stevie’s had 2 strikes against them!

The rest of the evening was pretty cool…a few highlights…

a) not only did the boss not win, they didn’t even give her a shoutout because she wasn’t “international.” Apparently the journey through the midtown tunnel during a rainy rush hour doesn’t qualify for a mention. Shoutout here: Read this!

b) food was average, dessert was pretty good, I discovered I like Flan! And the wine was flowing a lot more freely during the dinner and awards presentation…

c) We ended the night at Johnny Utah’s, which scores points for a really cool general manager, a cute bartender at the “secret” back bar and a really good atmosphere for making a fool out of yourself on a mechanical bull = very funny!

Rest of the weekend I vegged out, made brownies, ate brownies, saw Role Models (FUNNY!) and vowed to be cooler next weekend…oh yeah and write more…you know, maybe start the winning novel or something…

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