If Grey’s Anatomy was on Twitter, I’d Un-follow it!

I think Grey’s has officially lost me as a viewer. Fornication with a ghost?? Come on ABC, you gotta do better than that…

Lately TV shows have been really going downhill in my opinion. Between the ridiculous overabundance of *reality* shows to the un-funny comedies and un-dramatic dramas you gotta wonder what happened to the really great shows of our youth (dating myself) like Full House, Step by Step, 90210, My-So Called Life and then later Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and The City, etc.

What shows are truly worth watching these days? My list for the moment…

Brothers and Sisters
Gossip Girl (XOXO)
The NEW 90210 (although so not as good)
The Office
The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC)
SNL (it definitely made a come back during the elections!)

Shows that got cut short that I miss:

American Dreams (anyone?)
Friday Night Lights (I think this is still on somewhere on some channel…?)

And yes, this is my second post in like 5 minutes…it’s Friday night, I’m bored…and sipping some wine…sue me…

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