A parade, a move, a movIE and lots of pumpkin bread…

This is my first blog post from what I’m calling a “change of venue.” I am temporarily living at my parent’s winter home (ok it’s their summer, fall, and spring home too, but doesn’t it sound more glamorous that way??). I have decided to move in here because a) my former roommates wanted to move (without me, more or less) b) I couldn’t afford much of a place on my own and c) I’m hoping my next move lands me in the 212 area code as a resident and not just a frequent guest…

So in between turkey, the parade, and the holiday shopping frenzy, I made the journey back home…with a little (ok A LOT) of help from loved ones…

I’m hoping the peace and simpleness of home will give my mind and body the rejuvenation and motivation I need to get to work on fulfilling all my life’s dreams and “to-do before I’m 30” items…

What else did I do on this long and much needed weekend? I went to the Macy’s Parade for the first time ever. Reaction? Fun, a must-do once sorta thing, a warm and fuzzy feeling activity, especially if you’re with someone you feel warm and fuzzy about. Suggestion to Mr. Macy–the “celebrities” should wear signs or something, I couldn’t tell the Jonas Brothers from ummm, other people, especially when they weren’t performing in front of me.

I also took in a flick this weekend with the mom. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. One word-Haunting. If you haven’t seen it, you should, if you can stand a depressing, core-shaking movie, but one that like my mom said, needs to be seen. After it ended the theater was literally silent for a good five minutes and no one spoke or moved. Can’t remember the last time I saw that happen…

It’s Monday night, I’ve watched my Gossip Girl, shopped online, read some blogs, and now it’s lights out…tomorrow is a new day, I’ve got lots of work to do, but I’m hoping this will be a good week!

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