Good Karma

Since my last post, I have received a lot of love and support from friends, friends of friends, colleagues, and even people I have only met a few times or haven’t talked to in years…so first off, thanks for reading!

I am completely convinced that I am on the track to greatness and have had a lot of good things happen already since “the lay-off.” I have several leads already, have been meeting with people and finding that there is definitely opportunities out there, you just need to set yourself apart from your competition by being smart, sassy and persistent! I’d like to think I am all three 🙂

I feel a sense of freedom and a new beginning because to be honest, I was ready for a new challenge anyway. I can’t wait for my next adventure to begin. I am ready to work hard and conquer the world, somewhere great where I can write, be myself and be associated with people who are revered in their industry, whether it’s writing, blogging, online or in PR. I want to be part of the social networking extraordinaire and be encouraged to utilize my sites to further my influence and grow my community.

So today, even though it is Friday the 13th, I am feeling optimistic and once again telling myself that everything happens for a reason. This time, I think I already know what that reason is 🙂

On two final notes, I just wanted to say a quick prayer for the victims of the Buffalo plane crash and the community of Buffalo. My boyfriend is from the area and it’s sad that this week’s plane story didn’t turn out as good as the last one 😦

Also, I promised a friend I would mention the devastating disease that is affecting her close friend’s 16 month old daughter. Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) is a really horrible disease that she will eventually die from. The life expectancy is usually 2 years old, it is really heart wrenching… There is a petition which will enable non-profit and research organizations to help find a cure Check out these links if you want to help!

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