My first Manhattan Address

Well it’s official–I have finally have my NYC mailing address! Email me if you want to send housewarming gifts 🙂 I’m writing this post from my new bedroom with the NYC white noise buzzing in the background. What has this experience taught me so far?

1)NYC is the most expensive place to live in the world
2) NYC has the most expensive grocery stores in the world
3) NYC is where anything is possible and no dream is too big
4) If I’m going to achieve my dreams, I need to start putting myself outside my comfort zone, taking chances and making moves
5) I need to do something everyday that I never did before
Things I will be doing in the near future that are outside my comfort zone:
1) Joining a gym (and actually going)
2) Volunteering because it will make me feel good, and hopefully others too
3) Making new friends
4) Making my own way
5) Submitting my work for more freelance writing opportunities

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