Does anyone really like January and February??

Post holiday blues. Seasonal Depression. Dark by 5pm. COLD! Welcome to January folks! Happy 2010 🙂

This January finds me searching for an apartment (again). What’s that Sex and The City quote, “Every woman in NYC is always searching for a job, an aparment or a boyfriend–you never have all three.” Yeah, that’s my life.
I’m feeling some good vibes for 2010 so I’m going to try and remain positive. On that note, I wanted to TRY and list some GOOD things about January and February. I am sure I’m not alone in my general hatred for these months. Add your “happy thoughts” about Jan/Feb in the comments!
1) MLK Day–oh wait–do I still get this day off? If not, then scratch that…
2) American Idol starts
3) Superbowl! (Only for the food and commercials though…)
4) Groundhog’s Day–this is uhhh…a fun holiday? Ohh and it’s my mom’s bday too!
5) I won’t say Valentine’s Day because I have really never been a fan–even with a boyfriend–but SOME might enjoy this hallmark holiday…
6) Pretty snow/skiing/snowboarding
7) NYC Winter Restaurant Week (I will be taking advantage this year!)
Ok really can’t think of any other good things about January and February, at least not here in the frigid Northeast…help me beat the blues people! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Does anyone really like January and February??

  1. here goes……..For Me….Valentine's Day has always been a turning point.."The Benchmark"…we are often, well into, or well past a 2nd thawing period,.. at least…[usually there's a Jan. thaw]…the day is nearly an hour longer than it was on Dec 21st….the sun is much higher….and …anymore snow and ice coming our way..just doesn't last that long….and, Spring is knocking on the door …along with St.Pattie's…and my Birthday…..OH!…January…love it..catch up on the reading and writing and hobbies and little indoor projects….finally

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