Team Conan!

Who else will be glued to their TV tonight to watch what Conan has to say?? I loved loved loved his statement for those of you who haven’t read it yet, you must! I personally think it’s honest and sincere… I have always been a “Leno followed by Conan watcher” (when I’m not watching late night Friends reruns that is…) but I gotta say I think what NBC is trying to do to Conan is pretty lame. Just because Leno didn’t work out doesn’t mean Conan shouldn’t get the proper amount of time to make the Tonight Show his own…doesn’t seem fair! I hope NBC can find a solution that suits everyone, including my favorite Late Nighter Jimmy Fallon (see my previous post about him here). Tune in tonight folks!

One thought on “Team Conan!

  1. Conan would be doing NBC late night TV a solid by retaking the Late Night timeslot and allowing Leno back to his throne. And don't get me wrong, I love Conan. In fact, I enjoy his personality over any other host. However, it was a legendary lineup with Leno on the Tonight Show and Conan keeping the night going on Late Night. Everyone watched both, and they were both great. Right now as I see it, NBC is only 50 percent of what they used to be. Instead of back-to-back killer talk shows, we now have Conan followed by a poor excuse for a talk show. Jimmy Fallon got by on SNL by laughing during skits. It was a successful tactic being that everyone loves when an SNL cast member cant control themselves. However, being a one man show, his lack of talent really tarnishes the Late Night show. I say Conan should accept the switch so we can all be entertained from 11:30 – 1:00 by the two best talk show hosts on television! (no offense Letterman, you're the man.)

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