RI really is a backwards state!

Now don’t get me wrong–during my 7 years living in the tiniest state in the union–I found a lot to love about such a small state. Specifically, The Coast Guard House, the “wall” in Narragansett, Picnic Basket deli, live reggae at Ocean Mist in Matunuck, The Station House for cheap breakfast in Kingston, everything about Newport, stuffed Quahogs, Thayer St. in Providence…and the list goes on and on…

That being said-I have to take a minute to call out the state for some of their odd and archaic workings. I last resided in RI in December 2006–more than 3 years ago. A few weeks ago I received a suspicious letter from a law firm in RI stating that I owed taxes for a car I no longer even own from 2005–yes nearly 5 years ago! Thinking it was scam, I investigated further and found out that I indeed owe this money and also now have received a bill from the Newport, RI “tax collector” for 2006 and 2007. When I called to nicely ask why I never received one bill and to explain that I now live in NYC and sold that car months ago, they informed me that “bills don’t always get sent” but you should “just know” you owe RI state taxes each year for your car? WTF RI, sooo confusing–is this even legal?? Long story short I am now mailing a check to my ex-favorite little state to pay a mysterious tax for an old car…
This whole ordeal reminded me of the other little idiosyncrasies that people always mentioned about RI. Like the fact that they are the ONLY state to still celebrate “V-Day” as in “Victory over Japan Day” as a federal holiday! Also, up until maybe a year ago, their toll bridge in Newport didn’t get EZ pass and didn’t have any kind of gate system like say, the Midtown Tunnel does. Not saying I ever did this, but I “heard” that you could just throw a penny instead of a token into the slot and it would still let you drive right through…
So as much as I miss cruising down Ocean Drive in Newport in that car that I am now paying back taxes on…I guess I’m glad to be living in NY, where at least all the rules make sense–well sorta… 🙂

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