Back to Happy Allie…

So, seeing as my last post was kinda a downer (and also labeled “melodramatic” by certain family members) I will now (attempt) to return to previously scheduled programming, AKA funny, witty, snarky Allie posts about pop culture, ditsy PR girls and bizarre “only in NYC” observations…

For today, I will observe that NYers “jump the gun” a little when it comes to summer. Yes, today was gorgeous out (hallelujah!) but was it really short shorts weather? I mean was it really teeny-tiny flowered dress weather ladies? Especially when pasty shoulders and unpainted toenails are involved, you may want to at least wait until May to make your summer outfit debut!
I also get a good chuckle out of all the restaurants that suddenly offer “outdoor” seating when the weather turns warm. Sidewalks have never been in such high demand! I have to laugh when there are like 3 tables crammed on the sidewalk and everyone is fighting for the “patio seating.”
Also related–I can’t do my gosh darn laundry tonight in my building because everyone apparently had the same idea–there is still a line for a washer at nearly 10pm. Oh NY, why must you love me, hate me, and then love me again…

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