New Look!

Wow, I’ve spent way too much time tonight mulling over my new blog design. While the basic “harbor” theme that I remember loving so much when I first saw it on blogger a few years ago served me well (and reminded me of Newport, RI, one of my favorite places on Earth), I knew it was time for a *slightly* more mature look!

As much as I love, love, love the beach and wanted so badly to make my background a sunset on a pier in Tahiti, I figured I’d give my blog a “city edge” since that’s where I currently live and work.
How do you like it folks??
I’d love suggestions, help, ideas, etc. from my readers. Even though I work in social media I have a somewhat limited knowledge of web design, coding, etc. so this took me a few hours but I plan on adding some other stuff soon as well. Twitter widgets, photos, more pages, etc.
Along with the new look I also plan to add a lot more content to the blog and have been jotting down all the crazy things I want to write about on scraps of paper for the last few days now! Call it a “creative burst” but I’m feeling all bloggy again 🙂
More to come, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Love your new "urban" look Allie. Very professional and polished. You are on your way to becoming "rich and famous". BTW – i was dying reading your BCC convo.

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