"These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New"

Tonight I went to see Sex and the City 2. Me and about a million other fabulous ladies of NYC! I went to the Ziegfeld Theater, which is this amazing old-fashioned theater that still has ushers and a “stage” where the movie screen is–AND the theater was actually IN the movie…which was pretty cool! In prime SATC fashion there was even a faux red carpet where decked out ladies (and I mean DECKED OUT like gold sequined pants DECKED OUT…) posed for pictures and sipped on cosmos.

I think every modern-day single gal these days has thought of themselves as a “Carrie” at one time or another–especially if they ever wanted to be a writer, live in NYC or find true love. I myself have always thought that I truly *am* like Carrie, having been perpetually single for most of my twenties and writing my own column for a while for the local paper. Plus, I actually AM sitting in my bed right now with a view of the Empire State Building out my window furiously typing on my Macbook Pro (for the record, Carrie never had the view, but still!).
Sadly though, this is where the similarities end. The older I get, and the more I actually live and work in “real life NYC” the more I realize that SATC is just an amazing fantasy that most women are easily sucked into due the crafty writing and universal themes of love, friendship and happiness (oh and the clothes and shoes).
Before I actually lived in NYC, I definitely had a *slightly* skewed view of what life would really be like. NYC is without a doubt the most amazing city in the world, the place where anything seems possible and the energy is palpable, but trust me it’s not all cosmos and Manolos (especially without a trust fund or what I like to call a “corner office” job). And dating? While I’m not single right now, I have never seen a man that even resembles Mr. Big-or Aidan for that matter! I like to think of them as mythical men made up of a compilation of every woman in the world’s “dream man.” Every woman wants either an Aidan or a Big. The thing is, most of the great men I know (including my boyfriend!) have a little of both in them…
That being said, I give the new movie two enthusiastic thumbs up as a great way to spend a couple hours with your girlfriends laughing, crying and remembering that anything is possible…
…queue “Empire State of Mind”…and yes, this song IS in the movie! 🙂

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