Post b’day roundup…

Hello there! It’s been Eons since I’ve blogged (at least on here, but please consider reading my company’s fabulous blog at of shameless plug) I’m a year older now and realize that I now REALLY need to focus on my “things to do before 30” goals seeing as I only have 364 days left to accomplish them!

I had dinner with some old college friends recently and we had a wonderful night reminiscing and catching up. I was so excited to hear that many of them read my blog and even noticed my recent lack of posts! In typical “good friend” fashion, they didn’t give a crap that I was “busy with work stuff” and demanded I write more. Point taken! I plan on getting started on my list today (ok tomorrow, I’m still recovering from my birthday shots today) and with that list comes lots of fun blog posts to write.
As a warning, my posts may turn to sappy love song style sentiment over the coming weeks and I begin to embark on a long distance relationship with FF. He’s moving (temporarily!) next week to pursue his teaching degree and we will be doing the LD thing for a year or so…any tips for LDR’s are greatly appreciated!
Number one on my before 30 list…..drumroll please….TRAVEL MORE! This is not news to any anyone who regularly reads this but it really needs to be a priority now that 3-0 is getting closer every day! What else do I NEED to do before 30 folks? Let me know!

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