life on the bus…

More and more of my blog posts lately are either A) about riding the bus or B) mentally written while ON the bus. What can I say, riding the bus brings a whole new element to my life!

Tonight I worked late and took the cross town bus home at 10pm. I started walking but then saw the glorious lights of the bus coming my way and couldn’t resist its appeal after a long day at the office, two slices of peperoni pizza and a big gulp sized Coors Light (thank you for existing Pronto Pizza). Anywhere else in the world, 10pm on a Monday is probably a pretty quiet time, but not in NYC! Sometimes you really lose all sense of time and “normal” business hours living here…the bus was full of people in office attire or with shopping bags and if it wasn’t dark out, you’d think it was 5pm by the energy and buzz in the air. It *almost” makes working until 10pm bearable when you realize that everyone else in this city is working too much, sleeping too little and generally living a lifestyle that by any other standards would be considered “nuts.” (For example, Buffalo, where the bf lives, and the land of a 5pm dinner time and a 9pm bedtime!)
One final fun bus story. A few nights ago after yet another sprint to catch a pulling away bus, I did that awkward “running in heels with my oversized purse” things that girls do and that generally looks ridiculous and probably doesn’t actually get you there faster than walking…anyway, long story short, I made the bus and just as I was swiping my card and the doors were closing, a guy popped his head into the bus nearly getting decapitated by the door to say “hey great run, that was impressive doll.” You just can’t make this stuff up folks!

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