The Dirty Thirty?

Is it? People make up all kinds of things these days to hide the fact that they are indeed, getting older, and yes, it kinda sucks! You hear, “40 is the new 30” but does anyone really know what this means?? What was the old 30 then?

My mantra in my post-25 years has always been, I got a late start on life, because in a way, I did. I feel behind the curve on the whole, marriage, kids, savings account, house, picket fence thing and feel like I’m running at about a 26/27 year-old pace right now, tops…

That being said, I have always been the type of gal that you’d expect to have a long “before I’m 30 list” and in fact, I used to have one until 30 started getting so damn close! At around 28 I abandoned the formal list realizing I was nowhere near on track to hit my once concrete “before I’m 30” milestones. I’ve decided that since 40 IS the new 30 (or whatever) I can give myself until I’m at least 35ish to accomplish my “before I’m 30(ish)” goals…
  • TRAVEL (travel travel travel)
  • Eliminate my credit card debt/raise my credit score
  • Have a significant retirement plan of some sort (or as Phoebe Buffet on Friends called it, “a four-oh-wunk”…) {Editors Note – I actually thought I had crossed this one off my list but then found out that while I did open and put money in a ROTH IRA (so proud of myself btw) I actually didn’t invest it into any funds so my money is just kinda chillin in there in the same way it would chill in my sock drawer…) but anyway, I digress…
  • Have more of my writing published (ultimate dream is to write a book but realistically that will be a retirement project so I’d be happy with a column, article, etc.)
  • Dare I say, own a home (or apt, or condo, or…boat?)
  • Discover a NEW passion/hobby (as Ive gotten older I’ve tried to explore new things beyond my old standbys of: beach, music, writing, reading but haven’t found anything that really rocks my world yet – suggestions welcome!)
You’ll notice that the whole married with kids thing is missing from this list – it’s NOT because I don’t want that or see it in my future (because I totally do) it’s more that I don’t want to put it on a list, especially a list that is about me and my personal long term goals and accomplishments.
The other night I was out at a sophisticated club having dinner, drinking good wine and listening to good music. I was caught in the moment and thinking to myself, this is happiness -good food, good wine, good music and good company – don’t need much else. Sitting beside me was a child no more than 12 or 13 who looked miserable. She was bored out of her mind and probably silently cursing her parents (also enjoying themselves) for making her “suffer” at this place. If my life had sub-titles, that scene would read “Allie realizes she’s an adult now.” Guess I’m catching up to my actual age afterall these days…

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