30 ’til 30!

Yup that’s right. In 30 days, I’ll officially be the often-dreaded, newly celebrated age of three-oh. Thankfully I have some good stuff planned in the next 30 days to ease the blow…and more importantly, I have a great feeling about my 30 PLUS chapters…

Upcoming cool things!
  • Celebrating the 4th in my “happy place” of Newport, RI (with a detour to visit the old sorority house at URI and a day spent “down the line” in Narragansett)
  • NYC-joint b’day party/commiseration with some of my same-aged gals
  • Birthday week trip to Arizona (Grand Canyon! mountains! nature!) with the best people in my life
To fully enjoy the last 30 days of my twenties – I plan to post (nearly) EVERY DAY – even if it’s just a short excerpt or photo! (Except for when I’m away because who wants to bring their laptop to the beach?) See ya tomorrow!

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