Just another day…

Just another day...Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens…other days you have a totally random only-in-NYC-and-at-Likeable kinda day. Today was one of those.

The day included:

…My buzz builders (what we call our interns) making a remix of the Fresh Prince of Belaire rap and making me sport a fluorescent NKOTB hat while they filmed me

…People randomly laying face down in different odd spots around our office – or what I later learned was “planking” -Never heard of it? Neither did I! Read about it here – You’re welcome 🙂

…A good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest with an added Likeable twist – contestants had to wear our now -famous orange foam thumb while competing

Just another day...…A late lunch break at Bryant Park where I got all weepy missing my boyfriend and remembering when he used to meet me there for lunch breaks back in the day

…An awesome run along the Hudson river followed by a frozen yogurt delight on a park bench

All in a pretty solid day dontcha think? Oh – and happy #socialmedia day to those who celebrate…(I say that because I’m often reminded by my non-SM friends that they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.) Just today, I got questioned when I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall “FTW.” Jen/Erin if you’re reading this, it means “For The Win!


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