I’m back!


I'm back!Ok, I took a longer break than expected because I literally couldn’t bring myself to leave my mini-paradise island in Rhode Island!


Had a great weekend in Newport, where I slept peacefully to the sound of birds chirping and a gentle fan breeze, consumed mass quantities of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and coronas and almost forgot I didn’t still live there!
I'm back!After stepping off the Amtrak in a crowded, humid and smelly Penn Station I pretty much decided that me and NYC were officially seeing other people. NYC, it’s not you, it’s me, but I really think it’s time we ended our tumultuous love affair….at least until I’ve had some time to clear my head and figure out what I really want…
Tomorrow I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging countdown to the big 3-0 but tonight I’ll leave you with the attached few images that will surely help frame my next few posts. Stay tuned!

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