Last post before 30…

The next post you read I will be 30! I’m sure you’re all pretty sick of hearing about it by now so you are off the hook for a while…until 40 approaches 🙂

Tomorrow I head to AZ to visit an old friend, spend time with my family & the boyfriend and do a little relaxing and soul searching in between. I plan on spending my 30th at the Grand Canyon! Coincidentally, it will probably be cooler there than it is currently is NYC (it’s close to midnight here but the temp is still triple digits!). They’ll be lots of pictures and reflection to come – but you’ll have to wait a whole week since I am digitally detoxing and will likely not touch a computer for the next 8 days. *GASP*
Disclosure – I WILL still have my iPhone so I won’t be totally out of touch. Stay well NYC – see ya in a week!

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