Things Even a Strong Woman Needs a Man For…

During my nearly two years in a long distance relationship I’ve grown to be a pretty strong and independent woman.  I’ve artfully mastered dining alone at a local coffee shop, cooking for one, and I’ve even learned how to enjoy painful holidays such as Valentine’s Day with my not-always present main man (thank you Skype!).  Even still though, they are definitely a few situations where only a man will do.  I know what you’re thinking…that’s a whole ‘nother blog though!  Below is the G-rated laundry list of times when I wish FF was not so long distance!

When I’m sick…I can’t speak for every lady out there, but when I get sick, I immediately get cranky, depressed and weepy as an added bonus.  I just want someone to make me soup, fetch me more tissues, keep my Gatorade and gingerale supply fully loaded and appease my whining.  I know it sounds like a dream job but someone’s gotta do it!

When there’s a mouse in the house! As luck would have it I made it 30 years of my life without ever seeing a mouse and then broke the streak a few months ago when at least one little bugger took up residence under our stove.  I became a paranoid mouse-obsessed shell of myself as we waged our own little war via glue traps, poison packs and other assorted animal cruelty methods.  (Editor’s note if any PETA supporters are reading this,  my roommates and I did throw out all the glue traps when we read about the torture a mouse may endure if getting caught on one.)  Friends, family and coworkers all came to my support with helpful remedies and tips for mouse-fighting but without a man around to bravely set the traps, move furniture and poke around for potential victims, I was left to my fend for myself.  In others, I borderline stalked our poor handy man with a barrage of texts, emails and panicked phone calls – if you’re reading this Rick…sorry about that!

When I can’t figure out my taxes…I’ve never claimed to be a financial wizard but over the years I’ve successfully mastered both Turbo Tax’s and H&R Blocks “do it yourself” tax platforms and felt pretty confident in my abilities as a self-tax doer.  Things got slightly more complex with multiple jobs and city taxes and different addresses and somehow I missed a measly little form or two causing the IRS to “get in touch.”  Do I attempt to fix it myself? Find an accountant? Go the local H&R Block route?  If only I had a man around to make these tough decisions for me…sigh…

When I want to try that new romantic restaurant…As noted above I’ve learned to appreciate dining alone or ordering takeout for one when my girlfriends are busy.  But there’s certain places that you just can’t go alone – or even with your gal pals – without looking totally pathetic.  That new little romantic Italian joint that plays soft jazz, has floating candles on the tables and specializes in “romantic fare you can share?” Yeah, that will just have to go on my “when FF visits” list for now…

Any other LDR’ers out there?  What are your “I Need My Man” moments?  I’d love to hear ’em!

2 thoughts on “Things Even a Strong Woman Needs a Man For…

  1. Where do I even start? Mainly I just wish my boyfriend was around for the sake of having him around. I don’t need him to be there for any particular reason but to maybe run my fingers through his hair once in a while and nag at haha

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