Rooftop Ramblings…

Where’ve I been? Well most recently, I was in Boston exploring the possibility of moving there.  Crazy right?  Will I really leave NYC?  I think it just might be that time…

A little background: Although I have loved living in NYC these past few years, loved being close to where I grew up and my parents, loved working in midtown Manhattan and feeling like I made it (ok midtown isn’t that great but still…), loved being in the epicenter of it all, loved exploring the city and especially my beloved Upper West Side, I’ve also been missing a few things BIG TIME. Those things include: my boyfriend (currently in Buffalo, NY); the beach (close, but not close enough to NYC); grilling and outdoor space (I am technically writing this blog from my rooftop, but A) I share it with about 50 other residents B) it’s 2 flights up instead of out my back door and C) grills are prohibited by NYC fire code); and New England in general.  Because of all these reasons, I am considering – or dare I say planning – a relocation to Beantown this summer.

Before I leave: One of my roommates suggested I write up a “before I leave NYC” bucket list and I think that’s just what I’ll do.  There are A LOT of things I’ll miss about NYC and I plan to share them here daily (or maybe weekly because we know I’m not the best at keeping up with this thing!) as well as things I’m excited about for my next adventure.  In addition, I want to do and see as much as possible in these next few weeks that I’ve always said, “I live here, I can do that anytime” about.  Even though I’ve been spending time in NYC since I was born, there are definitely far too many places (mainly restaurants and bars let’s be honest) that I need to get to before I go!

The first thing in the “what I’ll miss” series is the soothing sound of the jazz saxophonist that seems to be constantly playing as soon as the weather turns nice on the UWS and my rooftop deck, however shabby it is. 

Please leave your recommendations for me on places I must get to before I go!

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