Location, location, location?

I recently spent 5 days in Buffalo, NY and while there, I got some “inquiries” as to why I live in NYC and also whether I would I ever consider moving to Buffalo (it’s cheap! the foods great! I could have a huge house! The people are nice!). This got me thinking.  It’s true, I do consider location a key factor in happiness.  Afterall, location determines a lot.  Whether you have friends and family nearby, the climate, the food, the cost of living and really the overall quality of life.  But do I need to be in a specific location to be happy? Maybe, or maybe not…

On my flight home I got to thinking about why I moved to NYC in the first place.  There were a lot of reasons.  But probably the key reason was the image I had in my mind of what it meant to live and work in NYC.  The clichéd notion that living and working here would make me important, successful, rich and by association – happy.  Truth be told, I love telling people when I’m traveling that I’m from NYC, there’s a certain air of credibility and coolness that those three little words generally give off. Or at least in my own head they do…

So now I’m stumped. As I’m about to embark on another chapter of my life – I must know –  Is it the actual PLACE you live that’s important or is it everything else – such as the right job, loved ones, a nice house/apartment that make a place great?  One wise Buffalonian said to me “I’ve lived all over (he hasn’t really, but I digress) and I can be happy anywhere as long as I have a job and a nice place to live.”  It seemed so simple yet so true. Doesn’t it??

So I ask you, wise readers, do you think your location factors into your happiness or do you think if you have a job, a partner and a nice place to live, you can “be happy anywhere?” Let the debate begin!

Editors Note:  In no way does the above post mean that I am moving or planning on moving to Buffalo, NY.  Just pondering location in general my friends 🙂  As noted in previous posts, I am thinking of heading back to New England to reunite with my beloved Atlantic Ocean, Wicked accents and lobster rolls 🙂  But as you all know, anything is possible so we’ll see…

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