File Under: “I’ll Miss”…

As I try to get in every last NYC must-do before I end one chapter and begin a new one, I am constantly reminded of not just the specific people and places that I’ll miss but also of the NYC commodities in general that I likely won’t get anywhere else.  A few on my mind today…

Bagels – yummy, crusty, carb-y, so bad for you bagels.  My waistline will probably shrink, but I’ll surely be sad not being able to step outside my door and grab a good old-fashioned NY bagel WITH cream cheese.

Actual egg sandwiches – No I don’t want a “fegg” (fake-egg, duh).  No microwaved, cookie-cutter egg substitute patties please.  I want a NYC deli-made, bacon, EGG and cheese on a bagel! (also file under, “this is why your fat…”)

Riverside Park – My apartment on the UWS was quite possibly the perfect proximity to both Central Park and Riverside Park.  Most people prefer CP because it’s the obvious choice.  Its got Sheeps Meadow, the trees, the people, the hot dog vendors etc.  But my favorite outdoor spot near my apartment was definitely Riverside Park/the Westside Highway along the Hudson.  Walking along the Hudson offered a perfect view west across to Jersey (with some cruise ships in the harbor depending on how far I walked), north to the bridges and east to the fancy Trump buildings I’ll never live in.  My favorite spot was around 72nd street where a pier juts out into the Hudson lined with benches and a great view for watching the sunset.

Cheap mani/pedis, cabs, coffee and drycleaning  – AKA the ONLY things that are cheaper in NYC than anywhere else!

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll share the places on my “hit list’ before I leave this crazy city in a few weeks!

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