A New Life…

The thing about change is that it seems to come in waves, at least for me. Life goes on and things seem to become routine and then bam, EVERYTHING changes.  I’ve never been the type to be opposed to change, in fact, in my younger years, I tended to “get bored” easily and make rash, drastic decisions rather hastily.  But the older I get, the more I appreciate the routine, the expected, the safe.  However exciting living in NYC was, it was also safe for me because I had a routine.  I had my local coffee shop, my go-to pizza place, my nail salon of choice and my weekend routine (Zabars, the NY Post and if weather permitted, a stroll in Riverside Park).  I had my weekday routine too. Subway to work, coffee or a designer juice (don’t ask) downstairs, and the camaraderie of working long hours in a crazy start-up where coworkers were more like siblings.  My free-time was spent doing whatever I wanted, for the most part.

As things begin to change and I begin to get into a new routine (12 minute walk through scenic downtown Newport to work, evenings and weekends spent catching up with old friends and relaxing by the water), I realize that EVERYTHING is changing once again, and maybe for good.  This is the last weekend (possibly forever, but certainly for a while) that I’ll truly be on my own schedule, doing whatever I want and going wherever I please.  No, I’m not pregnant or anything but I am about to get a permanent roommate and I think one of my first big lessons will be compromise.

Because I’ve been fairly independent my whole life and spent the first 25 plus years of my life un-attached, my biggest fear about co-habitation is the minute details that make up life.  What will we eat for dinner, what kind of eggs will we buy (I prefer organic brown…)  what kind of soap we’ll keep in the shower, how the bed will be made… Also, will I ever lie on the couch with total control of the remote again? These tiny details terrify me as I realize I probably won’t always have it my way. I can’t even imagine the life-altering that will ensue when I (someday, like sommmme day) have a house full of children and dogs to think about! So readers, any advice for a first-time co-habitator?  Speak now or forever hold your peace!

2 thoughts on “A New Life…

  1. Compromise is not easy. I, too, have the same fears as you have, even though I am nowhere near making that commitment yet. I think best advise is to take things one at a time. Talk to the person if something bugs you, and never ever hold the things inside because once it explodes, it’s ugly.

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