Hi, I’m Allie Herzog, the writer behind The Allie Zog Blog, which began way, way, back in 2008 as a platform for documenting my time as a young and eager PR gal navigating life in NYC. Originally from Long Island, I now reside in little Rhody with my husband and two children. My blog has evolved quite a bit over the years and is now a creative space for me to write about life as a working mom, as well as to showcase my writing and social media portfolio.

My career has taken me from a waitress and drink columnist (mom and dad were so proud) in my early 20’s, to a PR gal and social media strategist during my time in NYC.  In 2012, I relocated to RI, working in social media and publishing throughout New England, while also growing a freelance and consulting “side hustle.”

Two kids and some twists and turns later, I’m currently embracing #momlife and  #freelancelife while waiting for my next big adventure. For more info, visit my services page or drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you!

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