My fifteen minutes…

It’s funny how things work out.  I just got back from a trip to LA and everytime I go there, I come back to NYC thinking I may be more of a west coast gal then an east coast one.  This trip was no exception.  Also, while I was there, I connected with someone who got me thinking about my life path, my destiny – you know, all that good LA-ish type stuff… Kidding, but seriously, this person did get me thinking deeper than my NYC brain usually thinks, but hey, I also had a 5 hour flight to sit through… 🙂

Anyway, I remembered (or rather reminded myself) that I love writing and would start doing again and I also told myself (see last post) that I would start doing more things to make a name for myself.  Well call it fate or call it a coincidence but the very next day I get contacted by CNN to appear on their CNN Newsroom show.  I also got a tweet from someone at CNN who told me he “lives for my blog” which pretty much made my life since I didn’t think anyone except my parents and my loyal Newport buddies actually read this thing!

Someone once told me that if you leave things in the universe’s hands they will work themselves out and I’m pretty sure that’s true.  There are highs and lows, ups and downs, setbacks, surprises, and things to work out, but at least tonight, I’m giving my crazy overactive, overanalyzing, ball of stress, plan-making mind a rest and having a lil’ faith…

Here’s a clip from my network television debut.  It was only about 3 minutes so I figure I got at least another 12 minutes of fame left in this lifetime! 🙂

Comments welcome…and yes, I know I say “I know” a lot!  Rookie mistake, I’ll do better next time!


The Olympics!

I’ve always been a sucker for the Olympics. Maybe it’s because the only sports I was ever any good at were gymnastics and track which are only really mainstream during the Olympics. While I’ve always like the Summer games better for the obvious reasons, the Winter games are made of just as many heartwarming tales and tear-worthy moments, which is what I love most about the Olympic games.

This year’s Vancouver games started on a sad note with the passing of the Georgian Luger, but the opening ceremonies in general (especially the parade of athletes!) always invoke tears for me. This year’s highlight was the remake of “We are the World” (watch the video here if you haven’t seen it–pretty awesome), and lots of surprise celebrity Canadian guests. Who knew there were so many famous Canadians?
My absolute favorite thing about the Olympics is the behind the scenes stories you don’t see on the medal stand. The lone bob-sledder from Ghana that somehow overcame the odds to make it to the games, or the kid from America who grew up poor and made it out of poverty because of their “gift.” What can I say, I’ve always loved a good story!
This Olympics, I’ll be looking forward to watching some snowboarding (go Gretchen Bleiler!) as well as some skating and hockey. What’s your favorite part of the games?

Team Conan!

Who else will be glued to their TV tonight to watch what Conan has to say?? I loved loved loved his statement for those of you who haven’t read it yet, you must! I personally think it’s honest and sincere… I have always been a “Leno followed by Conan watcher” (when I’m not watching late night Friends reruns that is…) but I gotta say I think what NBC is trying to do to Conan is pretty lame. Just because Leno didn’t work out doesn’t mean Conan shouldn’t get the proper amount of time to make the Tonight Show his own…doesn’t seem fair! I hope NBC can find a solution that suits everyone, including my favorite Late Nighter Jimmy Fallon (see my previous post about him here). Tune in tonight folks!

Edits and Updates

Papa Zog pointed out a few grammatical errors to me in my previous post so rest assured they will fixed and I will be proofing more carefully from now on! Although i still stand by my belief that it’s ok to be a little unedited in these things, I don’t want any future client, colleague or otherwise thinking that I am not on point… so from now, I will do a once over before hitting “publish post”…happy dad? 🙂

As I’m sure the world has heard since my last post about the missing school teacher, she tragically was found dead, her husband facing murder charges. The story is chilling to me. I just can’t see how a person is capable of murder, especially to someone they claimed to once love. It’s scary that some people can snap without warning. From what I have read and heard both on the news, and first hand from people at her place of work, she was an amazing teacher and person. My thoughts are with her family…

On a more serious note

This story is especially disturbing to me for two reasons.

Missing Teacher from Bethpage, Long Island

One, it’s close to home, real close. She’s about my age, and she was in a situation I could have just as easily been in. Two, she teaches at a school that is a client of ours. Very sad–please pray for her safety and if you have any information please do the right thing!

Rachel Ray–Nuf Said

Oh my–so one of my top five least favorite people in the universe is getting way too much attention these days!

So the latest about my arch nemesis (and I’ll get into why in a minute) is that she was wearing some sort of Muslim garb in a Dunkin Donuts commercial, bloggers caused a commotion and now the ad is gone. And NOW bloggers are still causing a buzz, condemning DD for backing down to the crazy people who think her scarf was some sort of hidden terrorrist symbol. My take? It wasn’t terrorism related, it was just an ugly scarf! Read my previous posts if you don’t already know how I feel about scarfs as a fashion accessory…this whole mess could have been avoided if the DD stylist had only chosen a cool choker instead of a lame scarf…

The best part of this story for me is that this morning, Ron Corning’s replacement (who just became my new favorite person of the moment) totally dissed on Rachel Ray this morning not realizing that DD was one of their sponsors. It was hilarious, check it out on Gawker!

So why do I hate her? Well for starters, why is she famous??? I mean really, she’s not even a real chef, and her perkiness is more than a little irritating. If that sounds petty, let me explain my legit reason…well you may recall a little show she had/maybe still has on the Food Network called $40 a Day. Basically she goes to a new town, and shares with viewers the “secret” to eating great on $40 a day. The show’s title should have been, “$40 a Day NOT including tips” or perhaps “$40 a day for cheap, evil people who don’t believe in 20% tips” (sorry that was my former waitress side talking!). Ms. Ray seems to think that $2 is pretty much the standard tip for any meal…and she conveniently calculates “tax and tip” together sending a message to all the cheapies watching her show that leaving a couple bucks no matter what your bill was it totally OK. I think that everyone should spend at least 6 months in the service industry. You really learn some valuable life skills. Besides how to tip properly, you learn social skills, creative cooking skills (you’d be surprised how many meals you can make out of bread, condiments and left over ingredients…) and tolerance. Tolerance for all the ignorant people out there that are rude (snapping your finger at your server is NEVER OK), dumb (I’m allergic to nuts, can I still eat the Peanut Butter Puff Pie..) or just plain crazy (Can I order a Pepsi with one splash Dr. Pepper, two splashes Orange and a floater of Gingerale…).

So to sum up…Dunkin Donuts should really get rid of A) the stylist who chose the stupid scarf to begin and B) Rachel Ray as a spokesperson because I believe that honest, hardworking people typically drink DD over say Starbucks and probably feel similarly about the fake-chef and would be turned off seeing her face all over their favorite coffee place…