Just a Left-Handed Girl, Living in a Righties World…

(Editor’s note: Title will ideally be sung to the tune of Don’t Stop Believing…)

After reading this glorious article on Buzzfeed entitled The 18 Worst Things for Left-Handed People, I felt compelled to share my own harrowing tales of life as a southpaw and also add a few more items to Buzzfeed’s very thorough list.

While Buzzfeed definitely hit on the major ones including the ink-stained hand, the spiral notebook/three-ring binder debacle (which is why I  am a big fan of top bound notebooks) and even the lesser appreciated coffee cup holder and can opener dilemmas, they missed a few of my personal tribulations that I thought were worth noting. Here’s what I’d add to the list!

1) Crank-style wall pencil sharpeners – anyone remember these/do they still use these? I standby the fact that these were made for righties because I had to awkwardly reach my left hand around to crank it because my poor underdeveloped right arm muscles were not strong enough to operate this device!

The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence...
The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence…

2) Sweeping – I’m actually curious to know if this is just me or if any other lefties are borderline handicapped when it comes to sweeping with a traditional broom? I am convinced that the slant of the broom is righty-favored and thus this is a chore for my right-handed boyfriend in my house.

Note the presumably right-hand optimized slant.

3) Renting golf clubs at the range – Maybe this is just a by-product of being a left-handed woman in the smallest state in the union (all odds against me!) but when I recently tried to borrow clubs at a local driving range the guy looked at me as if I had asked for a baseball bat rather than a golf club and laughed as he said, yeah we don’t have any of those…

My mom likes to say that I’m a lefty because I’ve been “difficult” (see also: not the norm, oppositional and anti-authority) since I came out of the womb. If I’m being honest she’s probably on to something. Being a lefty, whether genetic or a conscious choice seems to be a common trait for creative types who also happen to be just a *tad* rebellious. This is not necessarily a bad thing though! They say that most lefties are right-brained, which means they are inclined to make decisions based on emotion, intuition and nonverbal communication rather than logic.  Oh yeah and Dr. Oz even says we are smarter than righties!

Any lefties out there have anything else to add to the list of our oppression? Comment away!

So long sweet summer…

When you live in a resort town, summer can end so abruptly it feels like someone has flipped a switch and shut off the summer goodness in the blink of an eye. There’s that bittersweet celebration of Labor Day weekend, three days filled with all the best B’s (BBQs, beaches, boats, beers, bliss…) and then there’s “the Tueday after.”  Most of us are still high on our end of summer buzz, suntans still shimmering, sundresses and still sandals still on, but as the days of September roll on, the talk of “Fall” and “Apple Picking” and “Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING” quickly fill the void of Summer’s sad departure.

Here in Newport, the end of summer literally happens overnight.  And that night – contrary to popular belief – is not Labor Day evening (although there is definitely a noticeably lighter feel to the town as most of the summer people trickle out of town over the following few days), but the real last blast of Summer is actually the Newport International Boat Show which I attended for the first time this year.  The boat community (AKA the “yachties”) show up in their finest Nantucket Red (cough PINK cough) pants to either A) shop for boats (the lucky ones) B) show the boats, clean the boats serve the drinks, etc. or C) (this is where I fit in) marvel at the boats and hope that they let you on a few without an appointment!

It was a beautiful day and we got to go on a few boats and walk the docks and even slurp down a couple free beverage samples (sweet tea vodka!) but for the average boat owning wannabe like myself, the $18 entry fee wasn’t quite worth it.  Especially when you can go next door to the Lobster Bar and buy a round for the same price (which is exactly where we ended up after about an hour or so of ooohing and ahhing at the shiny boats).

So as the first storm of Autumn blows in, and I run along the empty beach, see the browning leaves blow around the cobble stone of Thames, and make the semi-annual switch from iced coffee to hot, I say a little goodbye to summer and look forward to all those upcoming perks of Fall for a Newport local, including restaurant specials! no traffic! beer and wings! apple picking! and about a million other things I’ll continue to share in the coming months.

Happy Fall friends! (Now throw on a scarf, lace up your suede booties, and go get yourself a pumpkin-apple-carmel-spiced-chai-cider and welcome the season in style)… 🙂

Ew-I’m old!

This weekend I was reminded that 21 was a loooong time ago and 18 was well, even longer…

As I waited on a LINE at 10pm on a Saturday night at a bar that I was clearly too old for (was there for a going away party-didn’t CHOOSE bar that shall remain anonymous but is probably sounding familiar, especially if you are from LI!), I was freezing, but at least wearing ample clothing and “comfortable” shoes in comparison with the girls in itty bitty skirts and high heels, it occurred to me that I am now “sensible?!” I remember vividly running from our cars to the bar or skipping between frat houses in a tank top and black pants-no coat-even in the winter-because that was the “thing” to do. God I was stupid back then!
Standing in a mosh of loud music, flailing arms and splashing sticky cocktails is soo not fun to me–yet eons ago I swear it was! The night actually turned out comical and a pleasant reminder of naive youth and the way your idea of fun “evolves” the older you get. It was also funny to note that most of the music “kids today” were dancing and singing along to was popular “in my day.” Bet they don’t even know who sings half those songs! 🙂

Fall Post

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve written, it’s not even the same season anymore!


1) I really need a new laptop or netbook (send all donations to allie.herzog@yahoo.com )
2) I’ve been in the process of moving/apartment hunting (whole looooong seperate post to come on that)

Also, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly I should be posting on here. I see my blog and as a place for me to publicly document my life and write about random things I experience, feel, observe, etc. I hope I’m not oversharing but at the same time I’ve enjoyed having this outlet as a strictly fun and non-work related place to write and express myself. So that’s what I’m going to keep it as. As much as I love reading fellow marketing, PR and social media people’s blogs that focus on the business, I kinda like the alliezog blog as a (mostly) non-industry related space. Of course from time to time my love for social media, technology and all other things geeky will show through, but I hope I can maintain this blog as a place to ramble on about my life, whether anyone will read it or not.

So stay tuned for my experiences on apartment hunting in NYC (EPIC TORTURE), bits about my favorite TV shows (Gossip Girl, Mad Men to name a few…) and other random things that fasicnate me. As for my opinions on the state of print journalism, the world of politics, and fun new social media tools (all topics of great interest to me) they may seep in from time to time but for now, they are not the main subject of this blog 🙂

Stuff to do to keep your sanity…

People are always telling me to enjoy my temporary unemployment and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for. Unfortunately without a steady paycheck most of these things are not actually do-able (for example, my yet to be taken trip to Central America) but these people do have a point. I know I should be using my time wisely because I plan on working, at least in some form, for the next 50 years or so.

Some days I think sleeping late, watching Ellen and reading the newspaper is a wisely spent day, but lately I have been really trying to fill my time with meaningful activities or at least I plan to from today on! Hopefully my free days are limited as I have some hopeful opportunities brewing…(fingers AND toes crossed!)

In no particular order, here are some things I have been doing/plan on doing/recommend doing until your back among the employed:

1)Drink coffee–especially at random spots. Since I have been laid off, drinking coffee has become more of an activity than something I just do at my desk as a quick way to fuel up before a hard day’s work. I now have the time to leisurely sip coffee at relaxing/cool places such as coffee houses, parks, etc. Plus coffee is pretty cheap so it’s a great time-passer for the unemployed. Tea works too 🙂

2)Read a lot. I have always loved to read but was usually too tired/burnt out to read leisure books. One of the first things I did when I got laid off was head over to Border’s and pick up a few good books to get lost in.

3)Get organized. Make to-do lists, clean out your closets, organize photos, music, etc. It costs nothing, makes you feel motivated and is something you will NEVER have time for once you go back to work.

4)Visit museums, art galleries etc. I keep saying I am going to do this. I don’t really know why I haven’t yet, it seems like a lovely idea. I’ll let you know when I finally cross this one off my t0-do list!

5) Get in shape. Again, this is one that I have SAID I am going to do, but have only taken very small steps in actually doing. I bought a new arm band for my ipod, dug out my spandex and Nike’s and plotted all the scenic places I will run. I’ve only actually gone like 3 times but as the weather gets warmer I promise to go more!

If I am still unemployed in the summer, I will add a number 6, spend every free moment at the beach, but here’s hoping that I’ll be blissfully trapped in an office this summer dreaming of my weekends on Fire Island 🙂

Anyone have anything else to add to my list?