Something different…

Warning! You MAY be seeing a few long forgotten “I love NY” type posts popping up in the next week or so depsite my recent anti-NYC rants…shocking, I know!

As I plan my birthday party for this weekend and get ready for some friends to visit and to enjoy a good old-fashioned “out til 4am, dancing, laughing, singing in the cab, bacon egg and cheese and a vitamin water the next morning” type of nights it is conceivable that I might be pro-NYC again, if only for a weekend.
You’ve been warned… 🙂

I’m back!


I'm back!Ok, I took a longer break than expected because I literally couldn’t bring myself to leave my mini-paradise island in Rhode Island!


Had a great weekend in Newport, where I slept peacefully to the sound of birds chirping and a gentle fan breeze, consumed mass quantities of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and coronas and almost forgot I didn’t still live there!
I'm back!After stepping off the Amtrak in a crowded, humid and smelly Penn Station I pretty much decided that me and NYC were officially seeing other people. NYC, it’s not you, it’s me, but I really think it’s time we ended our tumultuous love affair….at least until I’ve had some time to clear my head and figure out what I really want…
Tomorrow I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging countdown to the big 3-0 but tonight I’ll leave you with the attached few images that will surely help frame my next few posts. Stay tuned!

The Great Debate…

Since I moved to NYC, there are a lot of things I have grown to accept. Coming from growing up in the ‘burbs and then spending most of my adult life living in quaint little beach towns, I’ve definitely had to make a few “adjustments.” I get my groceries (and laundry, and breakfast, and occasionally beer) delivered, I pay $12 for a drink and think it’s normal (or I pay $7 for a drink and think it’s a steal) and I’ve even gotten use to the whole subway and cabbing it everywhere thing. One thing that I am still holding onto however is my belief that people shouldn’t wear bathing suits where there is nowhere to actually bathe. For example, Central Park. Or a Yankee Game. Or a blacktop roof. You get the idea…

Thing is, NY’ers seem to think this is totally normally, and actually where bathing suits were meant to be worn. Have they never seen the ocean? Do they not know that glorious beaches exist a mere train ride away?
I’m not shy at all about wearing a bathing suit in public, it’s just that the reason I wear
a bathing suit is because at some point while wearing it, I plan to get wet! As much as I love Central Park, there is just no chance of this happening unless you buy a bottle of water from the sketchy men selling it out of their backpacks and shopping bags and proceed to dump it over your head…
Today however, as I enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous day at the park (donning jean shorts and a black tank top) I felt for the first time like maybe I was the crazy one. As I entered the gates of Sheep’s Meadow, I instantly felt overdressed as I saw a sea of shirtless men playing Frisbee and ladies bearing all in their skimpy bikinis, oiled up and everything. Could it be that I’m wrong?
I just can’t decide so I need your help!
Please let me know in the comments if you sunbathe in your swimsuit in the park (or really any public place that ISN’T a beach or pool!). If the majority says it’s totally cool, I promise to make (and document!) a bikini-clad trip there very soon!

Just another day…

Just another day...Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens…other days you have a totally random only-in-NYC-and-at-Likeable kinda day. Today was one of those.

The day included:

…My buzz builders (what we call our interns) making a remix of the Fresh Prince of Belaire rap and making me sport a fluorescent NKOTB hat while they filmed me

…People randomly laying face down in different odd spots around our office – or what I later learned was “planking” -Never heard of it? Neither did I! Read about it here – You’re welcome 🙂

…A good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest with an added Likeable twist – contestants had to wear our now -famous orange foam thumb while competing

Just another day...…A late lunch break at Bryant Park where I got all weepy missing my boyfriend and remembering when he used to meet me there for lunch breaks back in the day

…An awesome run along the Hudson river followed by a frozen yogurt delight on a park bench

All in a pretty solid day dontcha think? Oh – and happy #socialmedia day to those who celebrate…(I say that because I’m often reminded by my non-SM friends that they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.) Just today, I got questioned when I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall “FTW.” Jen/Erin if you’re reading this, it means “For The Win!


Keeping it up…

Bet you didn’t think I’d really do it did ya? Here I am! 🙂 Let’s see, what significant happened today…

Well the planning for the 30th is fully underway. I realized that everyone has their own idea of the perfect party. It’s funny because usually the best nights I’ve had have been completely random, unplanned and not at all what I would have described as a perfect evening. On the other hand most of the times I’ve carefully orchestrated a “perfect evening” it’s gone horribly wrong.

When I thought of my ideal 30th – it obviously included my best friends and my man (who probably won’t be there…sadface). Beyond that though, my “demands” were: trendy neighborhood (althought I’m not sure why because I never actually hang in trendy neighbors now…), juke box (this is big one for me but may have to deal), a comfy seating area while also having an ample “dancing area”, oh, and free private room, and of course, cheap and delicious drinks. That’s not too much to ask is it??

Anyway, stay tuned because I think we may have found the “perfect place!”