The Great Debate…

Since I moved to NYC, there are a lot of things I have grown to accept. Coming from growing up in the ‘burbs and then spending most of my adult life living in quaint little beach towns, I’ve definitely had to make a few “adjustments.” I get my groceries (and laundry, and breakfast, and occasionally beer) delivered, I pay $12 for a drink and think it’s normal (or I pay $7 for a drink and think it’s a steal) and I’ve even gotten use to the whole subway and cabbing it everywhere thing. One thing that I am still holding onto however is my belief that people shouldn’t wear bathing suits where there is nowhere to actually bathe. For example, Central Park. Or a Yankee Game. Or a blacktop roof. You get the idea…

Thing is, NY’ers seem to think this is totally normally, and actually where bathing suits were meant to be worn. Have they never seen the ocean? Do they not know that glorious beaches exist a mere train ride away?
I’m not shy at all about wearing a bathing suit in public, it’s just that the reason I wear
a bathing suit is because at some point while wearing it, I plan to get wet! As much as I love Central Park, there is just no chance of this happening unless you buy a bottle of water from the sketchy men selling it out of their backpacks and shopping bags and proceed to dump it over your head…
Today however, as I enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous day at the park (donning jean shorts and a black tank top) I felt for the first time like maybe I was the crazy one. As I entered the gates of Sheep’s Meadow, I instantly felt overdressed as I saw a sea of shirtless men playing Frisbee and ladies bearing all in their skimpy bikinis, oiled up and everything. Could it be that I’m wrong?
I just can’t decide so I need your help!
Please let me know in the comments if you sunbathe in your swimsuit in the park (or really any public place that ISN’T a beach or pool!). If the majority says it’s totally cool, I promise to make (and document!) a bikini-clad trip there very soon!

Just another day…

Just another day...Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens…other days you have a totally random only-in-NYC-and-at-Likeable kinda day. Today was one of those.

The day included:

…My buzz builders (what we call our interns) making a remix of the Fresh Prince of Belaire rap and making me sport a fluorescent NKOTB hat while they filmed me

…People randomly laying face down in different odd spots around our office – or what I later learned was “planking” -Never heard of it? Neither did I! Read about it here – You’re welcome 🙂

…A good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest with an added Likeable twist – contestants had to wear our now -famous orange foam thumb while competing

Just another day...…A late lunch break at Bryant Park where I got all weepy missing my boyfriend and remembering when he used to meet me there for lunch breaks back in the day

…An awesome run along the Hudson river followed by a frozen yogurt delight on a park bench

All in a pretty solid day dontcha think? Oh – and happy #socialmedia day to those who celebrate…(I say that because I’m often reminded by my non-SM friends that they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.) Just today, I got questioned when I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall “FTW.” Jen/Erin if you’re reading this, it means “For The Win!


Keeping it up…

Bet you didn’t think I’d really do it did ya? Here I am! 🙂 Let’s see, what significant happened today…

Well the planning for the 30th is fully underway. I realized that everyone has their own idea of the perfect party. It’s funny because usually the best nights I’ve had have been completely random, unplanned and not at all what I would have described as a perfect evening. On the other hand most of the times I’ve carefully orchestrated a “perfect evening” it’s gone horribly wrong.

When I thought of my ideal 30th – it obviously included my best friends and my man (who probably won’t be there…sadface). Beyond that though, my “demands” were: trendy neighborhood (althought I’m not sure why because I never actually hang in trendy neighbors now…), juke box (this is big one for me but may have to deal), a comfy seating area while also having an ample “dancing area”, oh, and free private room, and of course, cheap and delicious drinks. That’s not too much to ask is it??

Anyway, stay tuned because I think we may have found the “perfect place!”

Everything Happens for a Reason…

This title is courtesy of my Sigma Kappa days which are now almost 10 years in the past. It was one of the cliche phrases repeated to us over and over again during pledging. Even though it’s pretty cheesy I’ve always kinda thought it was true (and hey, I’m kinda cheesy myself) and have said it to myself hundreds of times when dealing with bumps in the road.

Lately I’ve been having my annual (OK, monthly) “where am I going? what am I doing? am I living the life I’m supposed to be?” freakout and I’m sure a few people around me (sorry FF) noticed. I’m sure it’s the approaching 3-0, or maybe just the Newport nostalgia I feel ever spring when the weather turns nice and I can no longer go for a walk on the Cliff Walk or for a Astro Bomb at Johnny’s. (For those of you who don’t know about Johnny’s Atlantic Beach Club – read my one of my favorite old columns here!)
Anyway…this week I was lucky enough to attend the 140 conference hosted by Jeff Pulver. The conference was a 2-day event that focused on the power of now. What the heck is that you ask? Well as it turns out, it was exactly the inspiration and reminder I needed that:
1) I can do anything at anytime, it’s never too late
2) I love what I do now
3) I can always do more, do something different, go somewhere else, nothing is impossible!
There were many amazing speakers, some you’ve obviously heard of like Ann Curry (swoon!), Mayor Corey Booker, Dennis Crowley (co-founder of Foursquare for all my non-social media friends) and then there were some you definitely haven’t heard of, which is what I thought was so cool. Some were completely and utterly random and even a little eccentric but they were all inspiring and shared a common trait of passion and drive. Most wanted to accomplish something and did, in most instances more than they ever dreamed. All of them used social media in some way to achieve their big things and it was pretty rad to feel their energy and hear their stories. A few sound bytes from the day really struck a cord with me, which brings me to my title, “everything happens for a reason.” I think I was meant to be there and here those things and be re-inspired and reminded that I can still do it all, make my mark and conquer the world. Perhaps most importantly, I was reminded of something that is extremely easy to lose sight of, especially living in Manhattan.

Money can’t buy happiness….

We’ve all heard this a million times but I will be the first to admit, I don’t “buy it” for a minute. I can almost guarantee I’d be happier if I had more money. If I had more money I could travel the world which I KNOW would bring me happiness. If I had more money, I would help family members and loved one do the things they can’t afford to do, and if I had more more money, I’d hire a personal trainer, buy a boat and buy my first pair of Christian Loubotins (OK these are the totally superficial and selfish ones, but still…I would!)
After hearing a lot of people tell their stories of how they chased their dreams and never once did it for the money, it reminded me of something my small-town heart already knew deep down, but that I may have temporarily lost sight of. That thing is: people in this city often put too much weight into the pursuit of material wealth. How can you not in the most expensive city in the world I guess? It’s often all about where you live, what you wear, even where you eat and drink but it’s rarely about what you’ve done and what you believe and who you are. It’s good to be reminded of the things that matter and also to be reassured that yes, it is possible to be successful and happy and NOT rich…although often times if you stick to what you know and love, you just might get rich doing it…someday.
OK enough preaching – goodnight NYC – I still love you, I just have to be reminded every once in a while that the size of my apartment doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things!

Sunday night somethings…

The big 3-0 is getting closer and my mind is racing! So many things to start doing and stop doing and focus on and not worry about and places to see and people to meet – oh my!

Some random summer focuses…
1) Run, run, run – and get new running shoes from The Super Runners Shop where they let you run around for them and then they tell you the best shoes for your stride – however awkward and “Phoebe-like” it may be (Friends reference number 4,864…)
2) Take advantage of the coveted rooftop deck of my apartment building – anyone want to join me for sunset cocktails? (weather permitting!)
3) Beef up my international travel fund (so I can stop spending so much time loitering in the Travel section of Barnes and Noble living vicariously through Frommers and Lonely Planet…)
4) Decide where I should live for the rest of my life (or at least for the “early thirties – no kids” chapter of my life…)
Oh, and in honor of the Tony Awards that I am watching LIVE while writing this (from the Beacon Theatre a few blocks away) I’ll add “see more Broadway Shows!” to this list too… 🙂

Pondering life from 30,000 feet…

Currently en route back to NYC from Lala land… Had a great few days in LA with coworkers and a great meeting with a new client. Sitting at an outdoor cafe a few hours before boarding my flight back to the concrete jungle I had yet another epiphany about life. NYC is NOT the place for me. This time I mean it! I am beach person – always have been, always will be. I instantly feel better just knowing that the ocean is nearby…and when I can SEE it and SMELL it and FEEL it – I feel 100% at home. I guess techincally NYC is an island and the ocean is nearby, but dirt doesn’t count as sand and for some reason there is no “ocean breeze” to be found…

When I think back on my years living by the beach in Narragansett, RI, Newport, RI and then again in Long Beach, NY – I realize I was A LOT more relaxed and “chill” and “easy-going”…

These words used to describe me but now I am just another nervous-nellie (as Carrie Kerpen my lovely boss calls me), high-strung, uptight, stressed out, negative-Nancy NY’er. Not cool 😦

Yes, I moved to NYC to focus on my career, dream big, live the NYC life and expeience it all while I was young and uninhibited. But now I’m not so young, not so unihibited and fully aware that I can HAVE an amazing job and DO an amazing job from anywhere (well maybe not anywhere, but definitely from somewhere other than NYC…like say a beach town in Cali, New England or elsewhere…)

Will I feel this way tomorrow? Who knows… When I wake up tomorrow morning to the bustling scene of a NYC spring morning on the Upper West side and go get my morning coffee and bagel from Zabar’s will I still feel like I need to immediately move to a beach town and chill down my lifestyle? Not sure… But for today – I have decided, in the words of the great Ray LaMontagne – “Gotta get out of New York City…New York City’s killing me…”

life on the bus…

More and more of my blog posts lately are either A) about riding the bus or B) mentally written while ON the bus. What can I say, riding the bus brings a whole new element to my life!

Tonight I worked late and took the cross town bus home at 10pm. I started walking but then saw the glorious lights of the bus coming my way and couldn’t resist its appeal after a long day at the office, two slices of peperoni pizza and a big gulp sized Coors Light (thank you for existing Pronto Pizza). Anywhere else in the world, 10pm on a Monday is probably a pretty quiet time, but not in NYC! Sometimes you really lose all sense of time and “normal” business hours living here…the bus was full of people in office attire or with shopping bags and if it wasn’t dark out, you’d think it was 5pm by the energy and buzz in the air. It *almost” makes working until 10pm bearable when you realize that everyone else in this city is working too much, sleeping too little and generally living a lifestyle that by any other standards would be considered “nuts.” (For example, Buffalo, where the bf lives, and the land of a 5pm dinner time and a 9pm bedtime!)
One final fun bus story. A few nights ago after yet another sprint to catch a pulling away bus, I did that awkward “running in heels with my oversized purse” things that girls do and that generally looks ridiculous and probably doesn’t actually get you there faster than walking…anyway, long story short, I made the bus and just as I was swiping my card and the doors were closing, a guy popped his head into the bus nearly getting decapitated by the door to say “hey great run, that was impressive doll.” You just can’t make this stuff up folks!