Welcome back cheesy teen dramas, I missed you!

Is it weird that I still watch/slightly obsess over unrealistic teenage soap operas? This week has started off especially fantastical for me due to Monday night’s doubleheader of dramatic overload (Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill). I would literally love to BE Blair Waldorf…I am not alone here am I? Her clothes, her hair, her attitude…team Blair all the way for me! And don’t even get me started on Chuck…

Tonight I cozied up to the new season of 90210 and although it’s obviously not as good as the Brenda/Kelly/Dylan love triangle of my youth, I find myself tuning in and being moderately entertained episode after episode.

Maybe I just need a little mindless escape and these shows offer it. Maybe I am subconsciously reliving my teen years through these silly little shows, or maybe I just really enjoy a good tale about a nanny-stalker, daddy-killer, illegitimate child, millionaire half-sibling romance every now and again. And for those of you not familiar, yes these are all real plot lines! Intrigued? Tune in to the good ole’ CW-11 Monday’s and Tuesday’s and check it out…and no I don’t work for them!

In other news, I have been keeping up with two of my “goals” so far. Writing more (on this thing and at work) and I have been less stressed the last 2 days (baby steps). As for the running and money saving, I have planned to do them, but haven’t actually implemented the plan yet. I will though, just wait. I think I am going to continually add to my goals list throughout the year to keep on track. Tonight I would like to add a broad yet happy, dreamy goal for the year. I would like to get a passport and get it stamped at least once this year. And preferably not in Canada (no offense Canada, just thinking a little more exotic). OK I’ll sign off with that one. More to come-stay tuned!

If Grey’s Anatomy was on Twitter, I’d Un-follow it!

I think Grey’s has officially lost me as a viewer. Fornication with a ghost?? Come on ABC, you gotta do better than that…

Lately TV shows have been really going downhill in my opinion. Between the ridiculous overabundance of *reality* shows to the un-funny comedies and un-dramatic dramas you gotta wonder what happened to the really great shows of our youth (dating myself) like Full House, Step by Step, 90210, My-So Called Life and then later Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and The City, etc.

What shows are truly worth watching these days? My list for the moment…

Brothers and Sisters
Gossip Girl (XOXO)
The NEW 90210 (although so not as good)
The Office
The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC)
SNL (it definitely made a come back during the elections!)

Shows that got cut short that I miss:

American Dreams (anyone?)
Friday Night Lights (I think this is still on somewhere on some channel…?)

And yes, this is my second post in like 5 minutes…it’s Friday night, I’m bored…and sipping some wine…sue me…

What happened to Ron?

So am I the only person who it took like three weeks to realize that Ron Corning just wasn’t coming back from vacation?? I am avid watcher of Good Day NY and all Fox News in general but after researching the whereabouts of Ron, I must say I’m a little perturbed at the Foxers. According to the Daily News, Ron was let go, while he was on VACATION a few weeks ago. I remember one day they said, “filling in for Ron Corning is so and so,” and then 3 weeks later I realized hey, he’s either on a REALLY long vacay or he’s been canned. Sadly, the latter is true 😦 Who fires someone while they’re on vacation?? Especially someone as cute and lovable as Ron?! Ron Corning if you’re out there, you are missed…I can’t wait to watch you when you land your next gig!