My fifteen minutes…

It’s funny how things work out.  I just got back from a trip to LA and everytime I go there, I come back to NYC thinking I may be more of a west coast gal then an east coast one.  This trip was no exception.  Also, while I was there, I connected with someone who got me thinking about my life path, my destiny – you know, all that good LA-ish type stuff… Kidding, but seriously, this person did get me thinking deeper than my NYC brain usually thinks, but hey, I also had a 5 hour flight to sit through… 🙂

Anyway, I remembered (or rather reminded myself) that I love writing and would start doing again and I also told myself (see last post) that I would start doing more things to make a name for myself.  Well call it fate or call it a coincidence but the very next day I get contacted by CNN to appear on their CNN Newsroom show.  I also got a tweet from someone at CNN who told me he “lives for my blog” which pretty much made my life since I didn’t think anyone except my parents and my loyal Newport buddies actually read this thing!

Someone once told me that if you leave things in the universe’s hands they will work themselves out and I’m pretty sure that’s true.  There are highs and lows, ups and downs, setbacks, surprises, and things to work out, but at least tonight, I’m giving my crazy overactive, overanalyzing, ball of stress, plan-making mind a rest and having a lil’ faith…

Here’s a clip from my network television debut.  It was only about 3 minutes so I figure I got at least another 12 minutes of fame left in this lifetime! 🙂

Comments welcome…and yes, I know I say “I know” a lot!  Rookie mistake, I’ll do better next time!

My first Manhattan Address

Well it’s official–I have finally have my NYC mailing address! Email me if you want to send housewarming gifts 🙂 I’m writing this post from my new bedroom with the NYC white noise buzzing in the background. What has this experience taught me so far?

1)NYC is the most expensive place to live in the world
2) NYC has the most expensive grocery stores in the world
3) NYC is where anything is possible and no dream is too big
4) If I’m going to achieve my dreams, I need to start putting myself outside my comfort zone, taking chances and making moves
5) I need to do something everyday that I never did before
Things I will be doing in the near future that are outside my comfort zone:
1) Joining a gym (and actually going)
2) Volunteering because it will make me feel good, and hopefully others too
3) Making new friends
4) Making my own way
5) Submitting my work for more freelance writing opportunities

Where do I begin?

Well July is nearly over and I haven’t written one post. Let’s see, what have I been up to/thinking about/doing?

  • Worked a full month at the new job. It’s challenging and rewarding and hey, they pay me…can’t complain so far 🙂
  • Visited my favorite town in the world, Newport, RI and had a great time seeing old friends, old hangouts and lots of sun, sand, food and bev
  • Started my search for an apartment in NYC…if you have ever done it, then you know, this is no easy task…requirements for me include actual windows, close to subway, balcony/roofdeck a HUGE plus, near grocery store or laundry (if not IN building) oh yeah and lots of closet space and maybe one of those cute breakfast nooks in the kitchen…am I asking too much?? I’ll keep you posted!

There’s so much going on in my life I have found it hard to find the time to write. Also, I realized how easy it was to write when I was working for myself (or hardly working) because I could say whatever was on my mind…and there was A LOT. But now things have changed and I realize there are some things I should save for my private journal (or a super secret blog site!). I do plan to write more especially about things that interest me and that I am passionate about such as music, travel (which I hope to do A LOT of in 2010) and more. So thanks for sticking with me folks….I promise not to disappoint 🙂


Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been tangled up in the web that is “the job search.” I have been lucky enough to go on several interviews for several different jobs, but so far, nothing has been “the perfect fit.” Am I absolutely nuts for wanting perfection, especially in “these economic times??” Sorry for all the quotes, but I am getting so frustrated!!!

Major gripe numero uno of my job search thus far…PEOPLE NOT GETTING BACK TO YOU!! Lately I have noticed the striking similarities between the interview process and the dating process. You go on that first interview (first date) and feel each other out. You may think it went really well and they may think otherwise or vice versa. Either way, it usually ends with those three little words…”I’ll call you.” Why, oh why do people say they are going to call and then make me sleep with my phone under my pillow waiting for said call?? Thank you to all those people who did get back to me, whether it was good news or bad…but for those of you that simply never called, never responded to my follow-up emails, etc…shame on you! One extremely well-known PR firm in particular whose name I won’t mention but who really should know better promised to call me “either way”…I’m still waiting…

My other issue is that maybe I am living in a dream world, and not factoring in the whole economic meltdown, but I think there is a certain amount that is needed to live and work in Manhattan. How some positions can expect their employees to live off what they are offering is unreal to me…I mean, I totally get that times are tough, but rent is still rent and bills are still bills. Not all of us have a trust fund or some big savings account to fall back on. I think you get what you pay for and if someone is not willing to pay for talent and experience than they are not are not being realistic about what they can expect from a potential employee.

Am I being crazy for not refusing to settle?? I definitely want a job that I will love and be excited to go to everyday…I am totally willing to prove my worth, and I have always been willing to pay my dues. Life usually throws me opportunities at the randomest times, and most of the choices I have made and chances I have taken have proved worth it in the end. I’m sure whatever I end up doing next will be no exception. Until then, I’ll keep on writing, keep on truckin’ and keep on dreamin’!