Does anyone really like January and February??

Post holiday blues. Seasonal Depression. Dark by 5pm. COLD! Welcome to January folks! Happy 2010 🙂

This January finds me searching for an apartment (again). What’s that Sex and The City quote, “Every woman in NYC is always searching for a job, an aparment or a boyfriend–you never have all three.” Yeah, that’s my life.
I’m feeling some good vibes for 2010 so I’m going to try and remain positive. On that note, I wanted to TRY and list some GOOD things about January and February. I am sure I’m not alone in my general hatred for these months. Add your “happy thoughts” about Jan/Feb in the comments!
1) MLK Day–oh wait–do I still get this day off? If not, then scratch that…
2) American Idol starts
3) Superbowl! (Only for the food and commercials though…)
4) Groundhog’s Day–this is uhhh…a fun holiday? Ohh and it’s my mom’s bday too!
5) I won’t say Valentine’s Day because I have really never been a fan–even with a boyfriend–but SOME might enjoy this hallmark holiday…
6) Pretty snow/skiing/snowboarding
7) NYC Winter Restaurant Week (I will be taking advantage this year!)
Ok really can’t think of any other good things about January and February, at least not here in the frigid Northeast…help me beat the blues people! 🙂

Need a little Christmas…

Brace yourself NYers, a BIG storm is coming, cue the “Winter Storm” logo on all major new stations and interviews with different salt truckers/plowers on their “preparations.” Sorry if I seem a little Debbie Downer tonight but for some reason I’m just not feeling very jolly this season. Can’t quite put my finger on it–it could be a few different reasons that I won’t fully go into here–but I think it’s a combination of everything. Missing some old friends, adjusting to my new apt, focusing on some life goals for next year, etc. I haven’t done any traditional Christmas things this year whereas last year I was in full NYC cheesy tourist mode. Maybe tomorrow’s pending storm is just what I need to catapult my holiday cheer.

I even tried to do some festive holiday shopping tonight but was immediately irritated–not by the crowds for once, but by the overeager sales clerks from The Body Shop. I was asked by no less than 6 employees if I was “finding everything OK” and their awkward hovering while I smelled different products reminded me of having someone read over my shoulder when I’m typing (a pet peeve of mine). One lady even said (in an obnoxious sing songy voice mind you), “what-cha DOin – trying to decide on scent–I know I know they all smell great!” Ugh–shut up lady I’m just trying to sniff some holiday cheer in the form of your “Merry Cranberry” lotion, and yes, I somehow wound up purchasing some Merry Cranberry lip gloss. Then I quickly made my way across the street to Bath & Body Works for a cheaper and better selection of random stocking stuffer products, and oh yeah, I bought some aromatherapy sheet spray which I am enjoying right now–I think it’s working I feel slightly less stressed than usual…
Hopefully tomorrows snow will be the pretty fluffy peaceful kind that blankets the city and makes me feel alive and giddy. If so, I’ll post some pics!