Email address frenzy!

Since I first entered the “internetz” circa 1999 I’ve had 4 different personal email addresses (NOT counting various work email addresses).

First, it was AOL, then my college address, then Hotmail because AOL was “a joke,” THEN Yahoo because Hotmail was a joke…and NOW I feel Yahoo might be a joke and I should switch YET again to Gmail?! Where does it end folks? Will I forever be changing my email address every few years just to have the coolest, newest handle or is there really an advantage to me getting a Gmail account? I’ve completely phased out my AOL account (although as I noted in my earlier post, I totally DO still have my original AIM screen name), I basically keep my Hotmail account as my “sign up for stuff” account that I rarely check, although I definitely still get email there, and my Yahoo is currently my main, sent to my phone, email account.
To be honest, Yahoo works fine for my personal needs and rarely gives me any problems except for the occasional freeze or temporary glitch on my iPhone, but overall, it does the job. So, my question is this, should I really switch to Gmail just “because” or are there legitimate benefits to it? I need some concrete reasons why people! And is there an easy way to get the word out on my new address, any services that will forward from all my old accounts, etc.? Do social media types really judge someone by their email handle–I mean I’ve seriously heard people say (or occasionally seen people tweet) things like “he called himself a social media expert-and then gave me his Hotmail address, LOLZ” or something to that effect. So what’s the deal folks, convince me, switch to Gmail to be “hip” or just stop the insanity and keep what I have for now?

Edits and Updates

Papa Zog pointed out a few grammatical errors to me in my previous post so rest assured they will fixed and I will be proofing more carefully from now on! Although i still stand by my belief that it’s ok to be a little unedited in these things, I don’t want any future client, colleague or otherwise thinking that I am not on point… so from now, I will do a once over before hitting “publish post”…happy dad? 🙂

As I’m sure the world has heard since my last post about the missing school teacher, she tragically was found dead, her husband facing murder charges. The story is chilling to me. I just can’t see how a person is capable of murder, especially to someone they claimed to once love. It’s scary that some people can snap without warning. From what I have read and heard both on the news, and first hand from people at her place of work, she was an amazing teacher and person. My thoughts are with her family…

Thoughts from the Dentist’s Chair…

Been a while…I’ve been tired, cranky, crazy and busy, and although Ive had a rather eventful and “blogworthy” few weeks, I’ve realized that not everything should be posted online…To protect myself, my friends, my lovers, my enemies, my clients, and my coworkers, I promise to always “think before I blog” and not wreck anyone’s lives (at least intentionally) by say, announcing their extra-marital affairs on my blog (just a random example–I swear!)

OK so anyway, today found me in a dentist’s chair for the umpteenth time this year. After not having insurance for a few years, I was forced to go to the dentist when one of my teeth literally rotted out of my mouth a few months back. My dentist is a pretty nice guy, his receptionist is NOT. Yes, I have cancelled appointments, blatantly not shown up for others, and today, I arrived 27 minutes late (by her clock), but there’s still no excuse for the death stares while I’m awaiting my torture. As I am writing this blog, my cheek feels like there is a flaming metal ball stuck inside it, or something else equally painful. Hopefully the percoset will kick in any minute now…

Here’s my question of the day. When getting dental work done, do you keep your eyes open or closed? I know it’s random, but I need to know! I usually keep mine open and watch TV or stare at the fake clouds on my doc’s fluorescent lighted ceiling but today, shards of my decaying teeth literally sprayed me in the eye! I was forced to close them and it was almost relaxing, minus the drill sounds, taste of latex and throbbing pain. I am now committed to brushing my teeth 3-6 times a day, flossing diligently after dinner and gargling to the tune of happy birthday. Anything to keep me out of that chair after my remaining 6 cavities are filled!

In Your Dreams!

I’ve always been blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with REALLY vivid, borderline psychic, dreams. Lately my dreams have been an intertwined jumble of clients, coworkers and my personal life (sorry to freak anyone out, but if I see you on a regular basis, chances are you’re in my dreams…) Usually I don’t pay much attention to them, I brush them off as a byproduct of my overstimulated brain. But every once in a while I get to thinking, “what is my subconscious trying to tell me?”

Last week, while telling a coworker about my latest dream involving my email account, coworkers, and a fried chicken restaurant, a conversation started about whether anyone else had these crazy dreams. The next day, like three people in my office came in to tell me about their crazy work-related dreams. Apparently, my wild imagination is contagious!

Without going into too much detail, last night’s dream found me, among other things, surrounded by cherries. My roommates tell me I fell asleep during a movie and was snoring up a storm. While certain scenes of the movie did sneak into my dream, they assure me that there were no cherries involved. Before Asking Jeeves what the heck the cherries meant, I decided to come up with my own ideas. Could it be a sign that my upcoming trip to Vegas will have me seeing three cherries in a row? (That’s like a jackpot or something right?) Will my company land a new account in the fruit distribution field?

While I realize that dreaming about people and places you see everyday is normal, I am a big believer that dreams are trying to tell you something.

I ran track most of my life, but why can’t I ever run in my dreams?

Why do people suddenly change into someone else in the middle of your dream?

And, why do you always wake up seconds before a) the face of your future husband is revealed b) you’re about to collect your lottery winnings c) god himself is whispering the meaning of life in your ear?

Hopefully subconscious Allie will guide conscious Allie down the path to fame, fortune and a rent controlled apartment with a sweet skyline view! Until then, sweet dreams 🙂