Just a Left-Handed Girl, Living in a Righties World…

(Editor’s note: Title will ideally be sung to the tune of Don’t Stop Believing…)

After reading this glorious article on Buzzfeed entitled The 18 Worst Things for Left-Handed People, I felt compelled to share my own harrowing tales of life as a southpaw and also add a few more items to Buzzfeed’s very thorough list.

While Buzzfeed definitely hit on the major ones including the ink-stained hand, the spiral notebook/three-ring binder debacle (which is why I  am a big fan of top bound notebooks) and even the lesser appreciated coffee cup holder and can opener dilemmas, they missed a few of my personal tribulations that I thought were worth noting. Here’s what I’d add to the list!

1) Crank-style wall pencil sharpeners – anyone remember these/do they still use these? I standby the fact that these were made for righties because I had to awkwardly reach my left hand around to crank it because my poor underdeveloped right arm muscles were not strong enough to operate this device!

The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence...
The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence…

2) Sweeping – I’m actually curious to know if this is just me or if any other lefties are borderline handicapped when it comes to sweeping with a traditional broom? I am convinced that the slant of the broom is righty-favored and thus this is a chore for my right-handed boyfriend in my house.

Note the presumably right-hand optimized slant.

3) Renting golf clubs at the range – Maybe this is just a by-product of being a left-handed woman in the smallest state in the union (all odds against me!) but when I recently tried to borrow clubs at a local driving range the guy looked at me as if I had asked for a baseball bat rather than a golf club and laughed as he said, yeah we don’t have any of those…

My mom likes to say that I’m a lefty because I’ve been “difficult” (see also: not the norm, oppositional and anti-authority) since I came out of the womb. If I’m being honest she’s probably on to something. Being a lefty, whether genetic or a conscious choice seems to be a common trait for creative types who also happen to be just a *tad* rebellious. This is not necessarily a bad thing though! They say that most lefties are right-brained, which means they are inclined to make decisions based on emotion, intuition and nonverbal communication rather than logic.  Oh yeah and Dr. Oz even says we are smarter than righties!

Any lefties out there have anything else to add to the list of our oppression? Comment away!

A Blogging Identity Crisis…

The more blogs I read, the more I have conflicting views on where I want my blog to go and what I want my niche to be, or perhaps more accurately, do I want/need to have a niche at all??

I started this blog back in 2006 and I’d like to think I was a relatively early adopter at the time.  Since my blog was born, its had three different “looks,” the first one being a very cheesy beach scene that was a popular blogspot template at the time.  I’d stumble across the same background on blog after blog and feel sheepish about the fact that I was so common place, but to most of my readers (friends and family that barely knew what a blog was) it was still pretty cool.

As an avid journal keeper most of my life, I began my blog as just that, a slightly more edited version of the diaries I’d kept for years. A place where I documented my life just starting out in the world of PR and all the crazy/funny/wonderful/odd/terrifying experiences along the way.  I met my current boyfriend shortly after starting the blog (ironically he appears in one of my first ever posts where I mention a kind neighbor who I rode the train home with…) but if blogging had been a thing back when I was single…well I can’t even imagine the direction my blog may have gone.  One quick look at my old MySpace profile and the “blog” I kept there is enough to remind myself just how wacky my life was back as a single waitress. Anyway…

Over the years my blog took on different identities and I started experimenting with different kinds of posts.  I’ve blogged about social media, I’ve made a lot of public lists and goals for myself and then I’ve gone for months without writing at all.

After I finally moved into NYC, I decided I needed a cityscape design so I spent hours teaching myself basic HTML in order to successfully update my background to a flourescent pink skyscraper scene.  It was glorious…and then it wasn’t.

This brings me to my current blog, complete with my own photo and “classic clean look.” I’ve though several times about changing the name of my blog to something more subject-matter related.  Is calling it “The Allie Zog Blog” self-serving?  Am I important/interesting enough to have a self-titled blog? Is this the equivalent to a self-titled album by an artist??

But what would my new name be?  Like a reporter without a beat, I’ve never felt like I had a clear niche, a subject I would want to stick to exclusively or an area of expertise.  I prefer to think of myself as a columnist of the new age because after all, isn’t the reason being a columnist was/maybe still is such a coveted job, the flexibility to write about whatever you want?

The options are endless these days. I could write a social media marketing blog coming up with new ways to repurpose the same “breaking” tech stories that hundreds of other bloggers are writing about (I call these the “Facebook releases a new feature – film at 11!” posts) or I could be a “fashion blogger” taking gratuitous pictures of my “outfits” for the day and writing about why I think mint green is this season’s IT color (my most compelling reason for considering this route is when I discovered all the free clothes  even the most novice fashion bloggers can receive by simply posting pictures and links to the products) or maybe I should become a food blogger?  This one I’ve most seriously considered as I’ve previously written about restaurants and bars, have worked in the restaurant business for a good part of my life and recently discovered a penchant towards cooking and baking.  Yup, I thought, I should totally rename my blog “Allie Eats” or something equally catchy and go that route. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that for better or worse, The Allie Zog Blog must remain.  It’s who I am and it’s a place for me to write about whatever I want, which, all jokes aside includes a lot of what I mentioned above. It also allows me to evolve, change locations, change jobs and gain new hobbies without needing to start a new blog or change the name.  I still find myself blogging about NYC (or at least referring to it) because as they say, you can take the girl out of NYC but you can’t take the NYC out of the girl, but now my “where I went, what I did” posts are almost exclusively New England based, with Newport having the obvious hometown advantage.

The bottom line for me is this, I love to write and I love to do so about a variety of topics. One day, I may blog about how awesome I think yoga is and the next day I may rant about the weather. But like most egotistical writers, my favorite topic is me! To put it less pompously: things that I’m passionate about, experiences I’ve had, and life lessons I’ve learned along the way.

So, a question to my readers: Do you think my blog, or any blog really, needs to have a niche or can it be all-encompassing?  And if one day I do decide that I want to blog about one thing (travel, New England, FOOD, not sure just yet…) should I start a separate blog for that, or just keep it all right here on the blog I so eloquently named after myself?

Comment away folks!

Just another day…

Just another day...Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens…other days you have a totally random only-in-NYC-and-at-Likeable kinda day. Today was one of those.

The day included:

…My buzz builders (what we call our interns) making a remix of the Fresh Prince of Belaire rap and making me sport a fluorescent NKOTB hat while they filmed me

…People randomly laying face down in different odd spots around our office – or what I later learned was “planking” -Never heard of it? Neither did I! Read about it here – You’re welcome 🙂

…A good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest with an added Likeable twist – contestants had to wear our now -famous orange foam thumb while competing

Just another day...…A late lunch break at Bryant Park where I got all weepy missing my boyfriend and remembering when he used to meet me there for lunch breaks back in the day

…An awesome run along the Hudson river followed by a frozen yogurt delight on a park bench

All in a pretty solid day dontcha think? Oh – and happy #socialmedia day to those who celebrate…(I say that because I’m often reminded by my non-SM friends that they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.) Just today, I got questioned when I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall “FTW.” Jen/Erin if you’re reading this, it means “For The Win!


Sunday night somethings…

The big 3-0 is getting closer and my mind is racing! So many things to start doing and stop doing and focus on and not worry about and places to see and people to meet – oh my!

Some random summer focuses…
1) Run, run, run – and get new running shoes from The Super Runners Shop where they let you run around for them and then they tell you the best shoes for your stride – however awkward and “Phoebe-like” it may be (Friends reference number 4,864…)
2) Take advantage of the coveted rooftop deck of my apartment building – anyone want to join me for sunset cocktails? (weather permitting!)
3) Beef up my international travel fund (so I can stop spending so much time loitering in the Travel section of Barnes and Noble living vicariously through Frommers and Lonely Planet…)
4) Decide where I should live for the rest of my life (or at least for the “early thirties – no kids” chapter of my life…)
Oh, and in honor of the Tony Awards that I am watching LIVE while writing this (from the Beacon Theatre a few blocks away) I’ll add “see more Broadway Shows!” to this list too… 🙂

Life: The unedited version…

Why haven’t I written for literally months? Why do perfectly blog-worthy experiences come and go without a word typed? What’s my excuse? What’s my deal?

Well a) I’m busy b) I have been deferring to my “private” blog AKA my little notebook of thoughts that I use to express the things I don’t quite feel comfortable dumping here c) busy again d) lazy (yeah…it’s true)
I’m back with a vengeance though and probably a very lengthy ramble of thoughts, observations and general rant to the blogosphere…
How come some days I feel really proud of my life accomplishments and where I am (location-wise and “metaphorically”) and other days I find myself lying awake in a panic thinking I’ve gotten it all wrong. Like wrong career, wrong city, wrong everything! How come I am constantly in a love/hate/really hate/really love relationship with this gosh darned city!
Exhibit A: Today at approximately 6:44 pm I was nearly killed. No really, I escaped death by a really narrow margin and somehow brushed it off until writing this post. I was crossing 34th street at Herald square, AKA, the busiest intersection in NYC, if not the world, in the pouring rain with a giant umbrella, a mob of other people with their giant umbrellas AND a giant bus obstructing my view of the crosswalk light when I stupidly followed the crowd in front of me and began to cross. ALL OF THE SUDDEN I was literally thisclose to be mowed down by not one, but TWO cross-town buses only to make it past those and literally have to stop a car WITH MY HAND illegally turning INTO ME! Sorry for all the ridiculous punctuation but for real! So anyway, I lived to tell the tale AND I made the M-16 bus as a result of my ridiculous “misjudgment” of the traffic. (Mom, I know if you’re reading this you are probably freaking out by my carelessness but don’t worry – lesson learned!) Once I got on the bus BTW, it was SO packed with angry, wet, crazy, oversized-umbrella-yielding New Yorkers that I just had to laugh. Why are NY’ers SO uptight?? And why am I becoming uptight after 25 plus years of being the most carefree person ever. Yikes!
Exhibit B: Spent this past weekend in Newport, RI, my “happy place” and was quickly telaported back to a time when life was easy all the time. It’s weird because when I lived there I WAS happy but I was also searching for something else, something more, something I was SURE was in NYC…now, I’m not so sure…
Exhibit C: After getting my tooth-pulled a few days ago I was craving one thing and one thing only – A Wendy’s Frosty! After a long day at work, I decided to reward myself with a quick late-afternoon trip to Wendy’s (the one across from the Empire State Building and riddled with tourists, homeless people and other assorted characters…). Well, there I am waiting patiently on line A when the register in front of me opens up and I place my order of “One Medium FROS–“YO MISS, WHAT THE {EXPLETIVE DELETED}! I’M NEXT!” I am then pushed aside and crazy man from Line B starts rattling off his long and random order to the shocked clerk with the facial piercings. The best part was how I looked back at the line for moral support and no one even looked at me. Long story short, I held back my tears, got my frosty and got the heck out of there!
OK, I realize my three exhibits didn’t exactly exhibit much other than my randomness and slight craziness but my point was that living in NYC on a day-to-day basis can be amazing, inspiring, career-changing, etc. but it can also be scary, overwhelming and stifling. So I ask myself, do I want the ocean, the no-worries, the simple life or do I want the lights, the sirens, the ladder climbing, the “dream?” It really depends which day you ask me!